Saturday, March 8, 2014

Weekend Update

Son home from college for spring break.

Daughter (high school senior) off to Malibu CA for spring break with her BFF and family.

Struggling with technology upgrade (I'm running Windows XP. Microsoft is dropping support for XP on April 8, meaning that the risk of continuing to use it outweighs the hassle of converting to a new operating system. More on this later).

Damp, dreary weather - we need the rain, but it's going to be a gloomy weekend.

And idiots are still running ruining our country.
The standoff between the United States and Russia over Ukraine is not preventing President Barack Obama from pursuing his domestic agenda – and his vacation.
His domestic agenda includes, among other foolishness, "his budget proposal, a hike in the minimum wage, and encouraging Latinos to sign up for Obamacare."

As for his vacation:
The Obamas will stay at the Ocean Reef Club, a private compound that still enforces a dress code "designed to complement today's more casual lifestyles while still respecting the Club's longstanding traditions."

It boasts 36 holes of golf as well as spas and restaurants.
Of course it does.

The Obama family vacation comes just a few weeks after the president's long golf weekend in Rancho Mirage, Calif. At the same time, Michelle and the kids were skiiing in Aspen.

And all that came just a few weeks after their extended Hawaii vacation.

That's three swanky vacations so far this year, and we're not even through the first quarter. Must be nice to be in the 1%.

The obamas aren't the only ones taking it easy this weekend.
Vice President Joe Biden and his wife are vacationing in the Virgin Islands. And national security adviser Susan Rice is traveling in the Middle East for meetings with her counterparts.
So who's in charge while the people ostensibly running our country are vacationing? Alexander Haig...?


Harper said...

I am still holding on to XP, too. My desktop computer came with XP and a free Vista upgrade, as it was about to be released at the time. I never did upgrade, and am now shopping for a new desktop, and debating whether to go with Windows 7 or 8.

CenTexTim said...

FWIW, I went with 7. When our son went off to A&M we got him a new laptop with 8, and he struggled with the transition. If a member of the tech generation has trouble, I'm doomed.

Also, if I have to make such a big change (XP to 8), I'm going to go with Mac, not Windows.