Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's A Matter Of Perspective

In a meeting overshadowed by the ongoing Ukraine crisis, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Monday with barack obama. The purpose was ostensibly to jump-start the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. If so, barry has a funny way of doing so.

Prior to the meeting, obama made it clear "that the entire responsibility to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rests with Netanyahu – and only with Netanyahu."
In his sharpest jab yet at Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama blasted the Israeli leader as the sole obstacle to a peace agreement, while lauding Mahmoud Abbas (Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization) as a fully committed peace partner.

Previewing his conversation with Bibi Monday at the White House, the president said he would ask the prime minister, “If not now, when?” and “If not you, who?”
Which begs the question of why obama adopts a get-tough stance with Netanyahu, leader of the only true democracy in the Middle East, and rolls over for Vladimir Putin, oppressive dictator of a resurgent Soviet Union.

Maybe it's because he doesn't think Netanyahu will push back. If so, he's as far off base in his reading of the Israeli P.M. as he is with Putin.
Netanyahu arrived in Washington to a veiled warning from Obama that it would be harder to protect Israel against efforts to isolate it internationally if peace efforts failed.

Netanyahu told Obama that Jewish history taught Israelis that "the best way to guarantee peace is to be strong."
It's a lesson that Israel has learned the hard way - and that barry and the liberals have never learned.

Abbas will meet with obama on March 17 to press his case for Palestinian statehood. It will be interesting to compare his reception with Netanyahu's.

In the meantime, Iran continues processing uranium, despite obama's assurances of his "absolute commitment" to preventing Iran from developing atomic weapons.

Stay tuned...


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