Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I hope everyone out there has a great one! Unfortunately,Thanksgiving has gone to the dogs.

One reason is that Thanksgiving, like so many other great American traditions, has become tainted by politics.




But through it all, keep in mind that we really do have many things to be truly thankful for.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Wordless Week

I'll be somewhat busy this week, what with Thanksgiving and all. The kids will be home from college, the clan is gathering at our place, we're having some work done on the house ... well, you get the picture.

To lighten the load a little the next few posts will primarily be pictures, with minimum verbiage.


Today's pictorial commentary concerns the plight of the Syrian refugees, fleeing from wretched living conditions and an uncertain future. If only there was someplace that spoke their language, shared their culture, and would welcome them with open arms...

Many liberals are castigating Western nations for not being more willing to welcome Syrian refugees. Left unanswered is the following question.

The refugees' plight is inextricably tied to a recent surge in terrorist activity.

There is something else inextricably tied to the recent surge in terrorist activity. Any ideas what it might be?

 If we are truly engaged in a religious war, I know which God I want on our side.

Monday, November 23, 2015

FOD 2015.11.23

obama has been castigating everyone who opposes allowing Syrian refugees into our country without adequate vetting. Setting aside the national security concerns and political implications, let's instead view the issue through the lens of 'do as I say, not as I do.'
Once again, Barack Obama is attempting to heap condemnation on Americans for being concerned that ISIS, as promised, will infiltrate the U.S. and do it by exploiting a humanitarian crisis...

Obama maintains that he’s concerned about foreigners in need.  If that’s true, instead of worrying about 60 million refugees, maybe he could lead the way by putting doable action behind his own sanctimoniousness lecturing.

And what better place to start exercising those “My Brother’s Keeper” values he keeps talking about than with his own half-brother, George Obama, who despite his famous sibling’s desire to save the world from destitution, barely survives on but a few dollars a month.

...while Obama berates Americans for not doing enough for Middle Eastern refugees, in Kenya his drug and alcohol-addled brother George continues to live below the poverty line in an illegal tin hut in Nairobi’s filthy Huruma slum.

...George Obama spends his days gathering up foul smelling waste and delivering it to a centrally located Kenyan dumping ground.  For that, Barry’s baby brother earns 100 Kenyan shillings pay per ‘shovel ready’ bag, which in U.S. dollars comes to a rousing $.97 per sack.
When barry visited Kenya, his ancestral homeland, last summer, he made no attempt to reach out to his brother. If obama won't toss a few bucks his brother's way, he could at least encourage George to become one of the refugees obama wants to admit to America, and then lavish with welfare goodies.

After all, charity begins at home...

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Funnies 2015.11.22

Thanksgiving is coming...

A young woman (blonde, of course) is preparing her first thanksgiving dinner. As she gets everything ready for Thanksgiving day, she very sternly reminds herself to let the turkey finish thawing in the sink overnight. She puts it in and places the dish rack over the top of the bird. Her husband walks into the kitchen and sees this.

"Why are you doing that?" he asks.

"My mom always did that to help the turkey thaw," she told him.

The next day Mom calls to see how everything is going.

"Fine, Ma. I have everything ready to go in the oven. I even remembered to put the rack over the turkey last night."

This seemed to confuse her mother a bit. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Oh, I remember you always put the dish rack over the turkey when it was thawing in the sink," she said.

There was a pause on the end of the line. "Yes, but honey, we had cats!"

This year I decided to have a throw-back Thanksgiving and shoot my own turkey for the holiday.

You should have seen people scatter in the meat department.

A turkey farmer was always experimenting with breeding to perfect a better turkey. In particular, he was trying to satisfy his family. They were fond of the drumsticks, but there were never enough for everyone.

After many frustrating attempts, the farmer was discussing the results of his efforts to his friends at the general store. "Well I finally did it! I bred a turkey that has 6 legs!"

They all asked the farmer how it tasted.

"I don't know" said the farmer. "I never could catch the darn thing!"

Q: What is the difference between Election day and Thanksgiving day?

A: On Thanksgiving, you get a turkey for the day. On Election day, you get a turkey for four years.

But seriously, folks, as we get into the holiday season let's pause for a moment and think about the true meaning of Thanksgiving...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hugs All Around

It's been a week full of depressing and aggravating news. I figure it's time for a feel-good story that will remind us there are still wonderful people out there.

She’s Hugged Over 500,000 Soldiers. Now They’re Saying ‘Thank You’ in a Special Way
Elizabeth Laird is known to most soldiers simply as “the Hug Lady.” For nearly 12 years the 83-year-old has been greeting deploying and returning soldiers at Fort Hood. She is often the last civilian to see them off and the first to welcome them home.

It all started with handshakes, but then one day a soldier coming through wanted a hug. And then they all wanted hugs. Laird says that since that day, she has probably hugged over 500,000 soldiers...

But recent events have made it impossible for Laird to be where she’d like to be, greeting soldiers at the airport: she’s been hospitalized since early November due to the breast cancer she has been fighting since 2005. It was her fear that the hugs had come to an end.

When word got out that Laird could no longer bring the hugs to them, though, soldiers began to take the hugs to her...

The “Hug Lady” even received a letter from former President George W. Bush thanking her for her dedication to American soldiers:

Good for George Bush. Good for every soldier who has repaid her hug. And good for us that we can have our spirits lifted by such a special lady.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Follies Happy Hour 2015.11.20

A little feel-good music by the incomparable Billy Joe Shaver to get the weekend started on a good note...

Something Must Be Done

Trigger warning: if you love this country and support our military, reading the following story will depress and/or enrage you.
“Today’s global security environment is the most unpredictable I have seen in 40 years of service,” Gen. Martin Dempsey reported just before he left his post as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “Global disorder has significantly increased while some of our comparative military advantage has begun to erode.”
That’s putting it mildly, as a quick scan of the globe reveals. The Middle East is on fire, with the Islamic State’s jihadist army erasing the Iraq-Syria border; the Assad regime reopening the Pandora’s Box of chemical warfare; allies in Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia scrambling for cover; and Iran, now ensconced as a nuclear-threshold state, emerging as regional hegemon. North Korea is refining its long-range nuclear-missile arsenal. China is claiming control over international airspace and waterways, turning coral reefs into instant islands to bolster its claims, and fielding a power-projecting military. Russia is staking claim to the resource-rich Arctic, dismembering and annexing sovereign neighbors, rebuilding its army and reasserting itself in the Middle East.
What's happening to our military?

A disappearing Air Force
Pressed by sequestration, the Air Force announced plans last year to eliminate 500 planes from its inventory. In 2013, the Air Force stood down 31 squadrons due to funding constraints. And Air Force leaders admit their pilots aren’t spending nearly enough time in the cockpit...
Moreover, the mainstays of today’s Air Force are rapidly aging....
An Army at Risk
... the Army’s active-duty end-strength has been slashed from a post-9/11 high of 570,000 soldiers to 490,000 today, and what’s projected to be 450,000 by 2018. By way of comparison, the Army’s active-duty force was 480,000 prior to the 9/11 attacks. Put another way, Washington is fielding a smaller Army today – in a time of war and instability – than on Sept. 10, 2001—a time of relative peace and calm.
A ride-along Marine Corps
Before retiring as Marine Corps commandant last year, Gen. Jim Amos noted that “we are beyond muscle” and will soon “cut into bone.” He wasn’t exaggerating.
The Marine Corps’ endstrength will fall to 182,000 by 2017 (down from 202,000). Half of the Marines’ fixed-wing fighters are out of commission, 62 percent of non-deployed Marine units “are missing some kind of necessary equipment,” and the Corps could soon have squadrons “without a single aircraft or pilot ready to deploy,” Marine Corps Times reports.
But the Marines are resourceful. Given that the Navy has only 30 amphibious ships to deliver Marines – but needs 38 – the Marine Corps is considering ride-along partnerships with the navies of Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and other allies.
Think about that for a moment. The United States Marine Corps has been reduced to hitching rides with the navies of other nation. Have we really let ourselves sink that low?


A Navy in Need
At the height of President Reagan’s buildup, the Navy boasted 594 ships. When President Clinton dispatched two carrier battle groups to smother Beijing’s temper tantrum in the Taiwan Strait in 1995-1996, the fleet totaled 375 ships. Today’s fleet numbers 284 ships. Current recapitalization rates will not keep up with plans to retire ships, leading to “a Navy of 240-250 ships at best,” according to former Navy Secretary John Lehman. At that size, America’s fleet will equal what she deployed in 1915.These numbers aren’t even close to America’s maritime needs. “For us to meet what combatant commanders request,” according to former CNO Adm. Jonathan Greenert, “we need a Navy of 450 ships.”
 Quite a mess. So what can we do about it?
Ending sequestration would be a good start. Toward that end, Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., introduced a budget amendment proposing to replace current fiscal 2016 defense-spending projections with the projections proposed in 2012 for fiscal 2016...
I haven't made up my mind yet who I favor as the GOP presidential candidate, but Rubio just earned himself some points in my book.

Other thoughts:
Even if policymakers fail to end sequestration and fail to give America’s military the resources it needs, they could at least allocate DoD resources smarter. Citing a study from the Government Accountability Office, Real Clear Defense reports the Pentagon owns 30 million acres of real estate and some 500,000 structures, with a total value of $800 billion dollars. Yet the overall occupancy rate of Pentagon-owned structures is only 53 percent. Why not sell off these unused structures and tracts of land, and reinvest the proceeds in new military equipment, increased training and additional warfighters?
That's a one-time short term fix. We need a more permanent solution that will give our military the resources it needs to accomplish its missions. One of the problems with that are out of control entitlement programs.
Even though the Pentagon accounts for 17 percent of federal spending, it has been ordered to cough up half the budget savings mandated by sequestration, which led Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, to point out something too many policymakers fail to grasp: “The growth in the budget right now is in mandatory programs, and particularly in health care costs: Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Program. That’s what’s driving the federal deficit. It’s not defense.”
I thought obamacare was supposed to reduce health care costs. Could it be that Barry was wrong...?

Something else to think about:
... U.S. active-duty end-strength never dropped below 2 million troops during the Cold War. As the Cold War melted away and the Soviet Union collapsed, endstrength understandably fell below the 2-million mark, hovering around 1.4 million in the first decade of the 2000s. But now, active-duty end-strength has dropped to 1.36 million – in a time of war. Remarkably, as the number of warfighters shrinks, the number of DoD civilian employees and contractors is rapidly rising. In fact, in what AEI’s Mackenzie Eaglen calls “a historic shift,” there are now more DoD civilians and contractors (1.474 million) than active-duty personnel (1.36 million).
We have dug ourselves a huge hole over the past seven years. I only hope we as a nation have enough wisdom and resolve to climb out of it, and avoid future holes. I am not, however, optimistic.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ashes To Ashes

I have absolutely nothing to say about this story.

Designer Dildo Contains Loved One's Cremated Ashes
It's a sex toy that someone — maybe you — will be dying to use.

Dutch designer Mark Sturkenboom has just created a sex toy that includes a mini-urn to hold the cremated remains of that special someone.

The erotically-shaped urn is part of "21 Grams," a memory box devised by Sturkenboom to help grieving people feel the presence of their loved ones.
Gives new meaning to "getting your ashes hauled."

Feel free to discuss among yourselves...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Refugee Version

Today's topic is refugees from the Middle East and concerns there might be terrorists among them, à la the Paris attacks.

First up is our own barack hussein obama, with his incredible sense of timing.
On Thursday, President Barack Obama declared in an interview that ISIS had been "contained," asserting that the terror cell had been stalled in Iraq and Syria.

The next day, ISIS claimed responsibility for one of the worst terror attacks in European history...
Undeterred, barry claims his 'strategy' is working, and remains committed to admitting thousands of Syrian refugees into our country.

Here's my suggestion for where to put them.

Actually, if ISIS is contained like obama says, there shouldn't be any refugees to worry about.

Even if ISIS isn't contained, it would seem to make more sense for the refugees to head for other Arab countries. They speak the same language, the culture is familiar to them, and many of those nations are incredibly wealthy. However,according to a report by Amnesty International, through the end of 2014 the six countries comprising the Arab Gulf States - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - have taken in zero refugees from Syria. I guess the concept of 'Christian charity' is not familiar to muslims.

But not to worry. obama has pledged that Syrian refugees will be admitted to the U.S. "only after subjecting them to rigorous screening and security checks."

Yeah, right...

Here's what I think.

Finally, I'll leave you with a bit of humor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Facts - Meh...

The democrats held a presidential debate Saturday night. Between the terrorist attacks in Paris and college football games, I didn't tune in. Neither, apparently, did many others.
It took less than an hour after Nielsen ratings revealed a disappointing 8.5 million person audience for last night’s CBS Democratic debate before campaigns resumed their griping about the Democratic National Committee’s debate schedule...
Given the quality of the candidates, that may have been a smart move on the part of the DNC. Why give that bunch of losers any more exposure than necessary? As is the wont of every liberal from obama on down, they played fast and loose with the truth. Take, for example, this statement by hillary on gun violence.
Since we last debated in Las Vegas, nearly 3,000 people have been killed by guns. Two hundred children have been killed. This is an emergency.”

Clinton added that in the same period there have been 21 mass shootings:

…including one last weekend in Des Moines where three were murdered.”
Let's take a look at some facts that contradict hillary's lies.
According to The Gun Violence Archive, there have been 11,537 gun deaths in the U.S. so far this year, or about 961 deaths per month on average, suggesting Clinton’s 3,000 is greatly exaggerated.

The data also shows the deaths of 83 children and teens from the date of the Las Vegas debate October 13 to the Iowa debate Saturday, not 200 as Clinton claimed.

When the Associated Press asked the Clinton campaign about the discrepancy between her figures and those of the Gun Violence Archive, the campaign pointed to:

    2013 statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;
    2010 figures for the Children’s Defense Fund.

But neither of those is the time frame Clinton was talking about during the debate.

And the “mass shooting” Clinton mentioned took place outside a Des Moines nightclub in early November and one person was killed, not three. Four people were shot in total, with three injured.
But since the actual facts don't fit with the narrative, hillary evidently feels free to make make up her own.

What else is new?

Monday, November 16, 2015

FOD 2015.11.15

It should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that obama is totally ineffectual when it comes to dealing with workplace violence islamic terrorists. As a result, their attacks are becoming more brutal and more frequent.
The barbarism and carnage on the streets of Paris are a stark reminder that the free world is at war with brutal terrorist groups who seek to sow death, fear and destruction in the West.

This is a moment for robust and bold leadership from leaders on both sides of the Atlantic, who must be prepared to emphatically defeat the enemy we face. In the words of Britain’s Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher...
The terrorist threat to freedom is worldwide. It can never be met by appeasement. Give in to the terrorist and you breed more terrorism. At home and abroad our message is the same. We will not bargain, nor compromise, nor bend the knee to terrorists.
Now contrast the Iron Lady's words with those of barack obama.
Sinking to the lowest depth of comments by world leaders was the one and only Barack Obama, who made predictably loathsome remarks about not wanting to speculate about who was responsible (despite his propensity to immediately speculate on other kinds of incidents), about it being an “outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians,” and saying that we would do “whatever it takes” to bring them to justice.

As usual, Obama said the very least he could get away with while managing to diminish the horror that befell those who died in Paris in the name of Islam. “Terrorize innocent civilians?” People were murdered. And we know who did it. They’re called jihadists. Or you can call them Islamic terrorists. Or devout Muslims. And, I would add, this is much bigger than the notion of bringing the ever-ambiguous “them” to justice. This isn’t a criminal trial. This is war. This isn’t about justice. It’s about protecting and defending our nation.
Unfortunately, obama is clueless when it comes to protecting and defending our nation. Hell, the guy can't even bring himself to say the words "islamic terrorism."

Shortly after making those remarks, barry jetted off to the G-20 summit, where he will try to persuade other world leaders into joining the fight against the greatest threat to our way of life.

Global warming climate change...