Tuesday, July 12, 2016


This should not come as a surprise to observers of the obama administration. They feel no obligation to the public or the nation they took an oath to serve.

Assholes, one and all...

Kerry Leaves NATO Summit Early To See ‘Hamilton’
Secretary of State John Kerry is facing criticism after departing a major NATO summit early in order to watch a showing of the hit Broadway play Hamilton...

Kerry had been attending a major summit of NATO powers in Warsaw, Poland this weekend, but departed early from the powwow, dubbed by a U.S. official as “one of the most important political events of the year,” so he could attend a final showing of the musical...

Kerry’s early departure drew criticism from some foreign policy observers and prompted the State Department to admit that the secretary had left early for the showing, as well as a wedding ceremony.

Many celebrities attended the showing, prompting criticism from at least one former U.S. official.

“Priorities … John Kerry left the NATO summit early so he could hang out w/Jane Fonda, JLO, & Charlie Rose,” tweeted Michael Doran, a former senior director of the White House’s National Security Council.

Kerry also posed for pictures with fans during the play, according to photos posted on Twitter.
At least, unlike his predecessor, an American ambassador and three other state department employees haven't been killed on his watch.


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