Monday, December 29, 2014

FOD 2014.12.29

Our family went to church this Christmas. I wonder what obama did...?

Obama Worships at the First Church of Eighteen Holes
When he’s not mocking Americans for being Bible-toting, bitter gun-clingers, every chance he gets Barack Obama loves to throw Bible verses around.  The problem is that the verses he quotes are usually out of context, woefully misinterpreted, cherry-picked and distorted to support a socialist worldview, and occasionally completely made-up.  

Listening to the president play the reverend on more than one occasion would lead one to believe Jesus Christ was a Marxist whose only objective was to further Obama’s Gospel of Collectivism.

During Obama’s first term, former Obama spiritual advisor Joshua DuBois led the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  On a daily basis, Joshua sent Obama inspirational verses on his Blackberry. In 2013, the former pastor turned consultant said that the “biggest untold story is that [Obama] is a president of deep and abiding faith who values his walk with Christ and uses that walk to motivate the work that he does in the world.”

DuBois... recently explained why the pious one never misses a golf game or foregoes a vacation and has golfed 208 times in office and counting, but has only managed to drag himself to church 18 times, including just one Christmas.

According to Joshua, Obama’s absence from church is actually self-sacrificial, because although the president desires to worship in the house of the Lord every Sunday just as he did when he attended Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Black Liberation Theology-based church in Chicago, Obama’s utmost concern is to avoid distracting other churchgoers from celebrating the Lord.

DuBois didn’t elaborate, but it sure sounds as though Obama, unlike other churchgoing presidents, is of the belief that if Barack is in the house, not even God Almighty can compete for the undivided attention of the flock.
To be fair, barry played golf on Christmas Eve, not Christmas. On Christmas Day "the Obamas spent Christmas morning opening presents and singing carols and then spent the afternoon at a nearby beach." barry and michelle also visited American troops at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kanoehe Bay.

If you believe that barry, mooch, and the kids sat around the tree Christmas morning singing carols then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you...


Old NFO said...

I've got one in Alaska too...

Anonymous said...

Remember way back when, when Flip Wilson did a skit about a hip preacher and his Church of What's Happenin' Now? Only today, it is The Ayatollah Obama and his Mosque of It Will Happen NOW, Or Else.


CenTexTim said...

NFO - I'm sure the folks that believe in barry will buy your bridge as well.

Scottiebill - Flip Wilson! Talk about a blast from the past ... good reference!