Saturday, April 20, 2013


The scumbags responsible for the Boston marathon bombings are, at least for the most part, dead or in custody. May they rot in Hell for all eternity.

Meanwhile, back at the corral...
In his hastily called press conference in the wake of the failure of his vaunted gun control push, President Obama's expression said it all.

It was fury. Pure, barely-controlled fury, and you're not wrong if you enjoyed watching the interplay of frustration and anger across his normally hypercomposed face.

On the surface it was about the shellacking gun control laws took in the Senate. Make no mistake: while this was a policy loss for Obama, it was also much, much more.

It was the moment the bully gets popped in the nose, and the unexpected sensation of shock and pain leaves him aghast. It was the moment, to use a rather apropos analogy, the mugger finds himself starting down the black void of a .45 barrel in the fist of his intended victim.

It was shock that the glowing, constant press coverage, the lockstep drumbeat on the nation's editorial pages, the hectoring, lecturing rants from Joe Scarborough and Piers Morgan et al., the Bloomberg TV ads featuring the families of Newtown, the vaunted OFA operation's push, and all the personal phone calls from President Charm Offensive himself couldn't move the votes.

And that enraged Obama. His sense that he is uniquely persuasive and that once he “takes it to the people” the argument is over, was directly challenged, and he failed.

The knowledge that even he, suffused in the glow of a landslide reelection, embraced and beloved and fueled by his willingness to carry his human shields from Newtown and Tuscon to every event, couldn't close the deal on the least-controversial part of gun control was burning in him in that presser and it showed.

Obama is furious he didn't see the disconnect between his desires and the rest of the country...
Maybe he could see it if he pulled his head out of his ass.


Harper said...

"Obama is furious he didn't see the disconnect between his desires and the rest of the country..."

Actually, I think Obama is the most dangerous kind of stupid - he doesn't know what he doesn't know. He really believes much of what he says, and truly thinks that the Senate somehow voted against something that a majority of Americans support.

CenTexTim said...

He doesn't know what he doesn't know, and most of what he thinks he knows is wrong. God help us...

Toejam said...

Obama is a prime example, not only of a bully, but an obsessive-compulsive control freak who will stop at nothing to beat-down those of opposite views.

His actions remind me of a 5 year old who has been named Emperor.

He's convinced he's gonna get his way because he hasn't evolved to the stage where compromise and negotiation is part and parcel of mature leadership.

I quote from an NRA bulletin: "Obama, near the conclusion of his remarks in the Rose Garden, said the defeat of gun control in the Senate was only “Round One,” and vowed that “This effort is not over.”

All he requires is some of Michael Jackson's skin bleach, a brown uniform with jodhpurs + riding boots, a stubby moustache and a grandstand in a stadium filled with adoring Liberal stooges.

How does one translate "Der Fuhrer" into Kenyan?

Old NFO said...

He just flat doesn't CARE!!! His way or the highway...

CenTexTim said...

Toejam and NFO - You're both exactly right. He's nothing but a spoiled brat who needs a good ass-whuppin'