Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Spirit Moves Me

A couple of days ago Harper had a reflective post regarding the importance of children having something to believe in.

In a moment of weakness I responded with one of my favorite quotes:
“Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer.”
 -- W.C. Fields
Inappropriate, yes. But a seed was planted. It brought to mind a story I read recently about a new alternative to the traditional Sunday morning church service taking place in the small Central Texas town of Bulverde, about 20 miles from my home. A new spiritual movement is awakening there, one that I find attractive.

Spirits served along with spirituality
Uncorked cabernet bottles are the table centerpieces for a midweek ritual ... at a local wine bar.

Steve Coker, the group's spiritual leader, prefers the locale. To him, the bar is as valid a place for worship as is San Fernando Cathedral.
Amen, brother!
A licensed Methodist minister, he's not redefining church, he says, but returning to the down-to-earth picture of the first Christians described in the New Testament book of Acts.

“They broke bread and met in homes for prayer,” Coker said. “They read Scripture and cared for the less fortunate. We have all the elements of what that Acts church had.”
Makes sense to me. Have a little something to eat and drink, spend a little time in reflection, and help others. Body, mind, and soul are all nourished.
As bottles empty into glasses, Coker tosses out a current issue to weigh in on. Nothing's off limits — from ways to combat poverty or stem illegal immigration to presidential preferences.

“Wine is something that is good for the heart. It relaxes the mind,” Caleb Haynes said at a recent gathering. “I think heaven will have a big area just for wine.”
I like that idea. Building on it, if Heaven has a wine bar, it's not too much of a stretch to envision a tavern up there as well, serving beer and mixed drinks. After all, angels get thirsty too.

Where do you think the term "Honky Tonk Angels" came from...?


Old NFO said...

Um... don't disagree, but honky tonk angels, not so much... I 'think' there was quite a DIFFERENT definition of them... :-P

kerrcarto said...

I attend The Church of Hank Williams!

CenTexTim said...

NFO - see the lyrics below (from a Kevin Fowler song, as provided by kerrcarto)

The Lord loves the drinkin man
He sent honky tonk angels
To the promised land
I hear that He can turn the water to wine
Any man that can do that,
Oh he's a good friend of mine
I been baptised in beer
I'm here to testify
I was speakin' in tongue when I came home last night
Some folks say I'm livin' in sin but I know,
The Lord loves the drinkin' man

kerrcarto - excellent reference

Harper said...

There are several churches that meet in bars around here, but they use it more as a venue. I like the idea of a down-to-earth gathering of like-minded people and a drink or two.

I look forward to telling my husband I am headed to Bandera for a weekend church retreat...

CenTexTim said...

"I like the idea of a down-to-earth gathering of like-minded people and a drink or two."

Well, Blownstar is like a religious experience...

Anonymous said...

Reaction to comment on Home.........thought for a moment you said Shriners???????

CenTexTim said...

Well, lots of Shriners in these parts do enjoy their Shiners... :-)