Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something New To Worry About

As if we didn't have enough to worry about already.

Armed drones circling over American cities.

The obama administration assassinating American citizens - teenagers, no less.

Fiscal cliffs. Spiraling deficits. Attacks on law-abiding American gun owners, not to mention the U.S. Constitution.

Now there are reports that the feds are sending helicopters over our cities mapping radiation signatures in order to respond to a dirty bomb threat. (More info on dirty bombs here.)
Residents of Washington may be surprised by a helicopter flying low overhead this week, endlessly prowling the city to map its radiation signature.

The helicopter is crisscrossing the city, like a lawn mower covering a lawn, flying as low as just 150 feet off the ground. CNN spotted it northwest of downtown on Monday, flying low over the buildings, back and forth, east to west.

The purpose: to produce a baseline scan of the natural radiological readings in the capital. Once the map is done, any new anomalies - or suspicious radioactive activity - could be more easily detected.
I'm sure this falls under the heading of "be prepared," but it's just one more thing to worry about at night instead of sleeping.

It's not just D.C. Helicopter scans have already been completed of New York, Baltimore, and San Francisco.

So far there haven't been any flyovers of Bergheim...


Old NFO said...

Can we say port cities??? San Diego, Jacksonville and Houston are on the list!

CenTexTim said...

I figured they'd get around to the ports sooner or later. But there's so many of them, and it would be so easy so send in a large pleasure boat, or maybe even a cargo ship with the radioactive stuff in a lead container. Hopefully smarter people than me are working on this.

One more reason to take out Iran's nuclear program...