Saturday, January 19, 2013

One More...

... asshole who needs to go away - or at least officially join the democrats, since he's more and more on their side.

Chris Christie, who recently stabbed the NRA in the back.
Blunt-speaking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, thought to be eyeing a 2016 run for the Republican presidential nomination, blasted an NRA ad that mentions President Barack Obama's daughters as "reprehensible" and warned it "demeans" the powerful gun-rights group.
Take a hike, Chris. It was fun while it lasted.


Bear said...

The great black hope certainly has no trouble using other people's kids for his political pawns though, does he?

CenTexTim said...

His kids, other people's kids, whatever ... he trots them out when he needs. Remember all the attacks on Sarah Palin's kids? Shameless hypocrites, every damn one of 'em.