Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Think about this right before you fall asleep tonight.
Officials in the Florida Everglades have captured and killed a 16-foot-long Burmese python that had just eaten an adult deer.

Scott Hardin, exotic species coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, said workers found the snake on Thursday. The reptile was one of the largest ever found in South Florida.

Skip Snow, a biologist and python specialist at Everglades National Park, who conducted the snake necropsy, said the snake had a girth of 44 inches with the deer inside.

"This is clearly an extreme event,” he told the Sun-Sentinel. “It shows you they can eat huge things."
"...the snake had a girth of 44 inches..."

I'm somewhat on the large side - 6'1" and tip the scale somewhere in the mid-200s - but my waist size is less than 44 inches. That damn thing could swallow me whole.

Of course, it would have to catch me first...

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