Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Am A Racist

That is, according to self-appointed racism czar Melissa Harris Perry, I am a racist because I have pointed out in the past that only 53% of Americans pay income taxes, effectively subsidizing the non-paying 47%. From Real Clear Politics:
MSNBC race relations commentator extraordinare Melissa Harris Perry explains it is racist when Michele Bachmann points out only 53% of Americans pay federal income tax and says we all need to pay.

"What that is meant to imply is that there is a whole group that is dependent," Harris Perry analyzed.

Harris Perry says that 53% talk is just codeword for the "2011 version of the welfare queen."
Baseless generalizations like this are as damaging and despicable as someone saying "all the people on welfare are worthless blacks." It distracts us from the real problem  - raising the income level of the 47%, coupled with meaningful reform to the tax code - by introducing a false and incendiary charge designed to inflame rather than illuminate.

When I think of almost half of the citizens in this country not paying any income tax, I don't think of welfare queens. I think of a mix of people who, for a variety of reasons, do not contribute their fair share. Whether it is economic misfortune, health issues, or yes, a dependency on or addiction to welfare, I certainly would like to see more of these folks in a position to pay taxes.

Regardless of race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, or sexual preference...

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