Friday, October 7, 2011

I Am An Idiot

I had a bunch of stuff to load into the truck before leaving South Texas for my three-hour drive back home. To save space and make it easier to carry everything, I tossed a few items, including my iPod and Kindle, into what I thought was an empty ice chest.

You can guess the ending of this story.

The ice chest, of course, wasn't empty. It had a couple of inches of water in it. Not enough to make it "splash" when I dropped the stuff in, but enough to thoroughly soak everything over the course of the three hour trip.

After a quick online search for 'wet iPod' and 'wet 'Kindle, those devices are now air-drying on top of the cable box (low level warmth without forcing the water further in, as would happen if I used a hair dryer), where they will stay for at least 48 hours. This was recommend over using a hair dryer or the 'put 'em in a ziploc bag with a couple of handfuls of rice' approach.

Even if they eventually work okay, I'll never hear the end of this from my wife or the kids...

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JT said...

If it works, be sure to share the method. Mr H always manages to drop electronics in puddles.