Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remember The Alamo

According to the obama administration, one of the most pressing problems facing this country is that the federal government is not giving enough attention to Hispanic history and culture.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in the past year has pushed the National Park Service to identify more sites or properties related to the histories of women and minorities that could be added to the National Register of Historic Places or be preserved as national parks or historic landmarks.
 The administration has scheduled a series of meeting to discuss "Latino heritage."
The meetings, held in the closing days of Hispanic Heritage Month, come as both President Obama’s reelection campaign and Republican presidential contenders are reaching out to Latino voters. Obama administration officials are meeting regularly with hundreds of Latino leaders in hopes of rekindling excitement among Hispanic voters...

But Salazar said the White House-sponsored meetings have nothing to do with electoral politics...
Yeah, right, and I've got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

However, Salazar might have a point about preserving Latino heritage. Here in South Texas we have a few sites worth saving.

The first undocumented democrat illegal alien border crossing site.

The first taco wagon.

Unique to South Texas is the Hispanic tradition of beer runs - drive thru sheds where you can buy beer, ice, and cigarettes while being waiting on by scantily clad women skanks bumping and grinding to loud music. That's certainly worthy of preservation.

Still, I don't know what all the fuss is about. After all, we already have at least one world-famous historical landmark that celebrates Hispanic heritage.

The Alamo...

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