Monday, August 31, 2015

FOD 2015.08.31

Feel-Good Green Policies, I'd like to introduce you to Economic Reality.

Obama’s New Climate Rules Will Hurt Poor, Minority Americans the Most
“We know that low-income, minority communities would be hardest hit.”

That’s Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy, speaking about the higher energy prices that would result from the Obama administration’s recently announced climate regulations on power plants.

... While the median family spends about 5 cents out of every dollar on energy costs, low-income families spend about 20 cents of every dollar.

And the economic pain from the regulations won’t be simply the direct costs of higher energy prices. It will be the higher prices for all the goods we purchase. Energy, after all, is a necessary component to manufacture those goods.

A few weeks ago, President Barack Obama blasted critics of his Clean Power Plan, saying, “Even more cynical, we’ve got critics of this plan who are actually claiming that this will harm minority and low-income communities—even though climate change hurts those Americans the most, who are the most vulnerable.”

But this plan will hurt minority and low-income families the most, as McCarthy has admitted. And energy efficiency handouts and mandates are certainly not going to be a panacea for the federal government’s energy-raising, job-crushing climate regulations.
So much for 'black lives matter.'

On the other hand, that's at least one campaign promise he's keeping.


Old NFO said...

Yep, just like obummercare, the 'real' costs are just now becoming apparent... sigh

Randy H said...

I still say the EPA should be abolished.

CenTexTim said...

NFO - and just like obamacare, they'll continue to drag us down for years.

Randy - ditto, along with the Dept. of Energy, the Dept. of Education, and half a dozen other federal agencies.