Saturday, August 1, 2015

A Reminder

You wouldn't know it from mainstream media reports, but thousands of U.S. military members remain deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan - not to mention thousands of others stationed in the region to support them.

A friend of ours is a retired Air Force fighter pilot. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, he has three kids who also graduated from the Academy. Two of them are currently deployed to Afghanistan - a son, who is a Forward Air Controller, and a daughter, who is a squadron Maintenance Officer. His third child, a daughter (also a squadron Maintenance Officer), recently returned to the States from her Afghanistan deployment.

My wife and I periodically send care packages to his kids. Nothing fancy - just some snacks and a few books and magazines.

What the troops really appreciate more than the contents is the reminder that folks back home remember them, and support them.

So if you are so inclined, please consider sending your own care package to our servicemen and women.

Here's a couple of links for more information.
Link 1

Link 2
Here's a link to some ideas about what to send.

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Old NFO said...

Care packages are great to receive! Another good addition is a bag of star bright mints. Kids love them!!!