Saturday, August 8, 2015

Welcome Home?

Got back from vacation in the wee hours of Thurs. night/Fri. morning. Immediately fell into bed and slept the sleep of the righteous until mid-morning Friday. Woke up, stretched, yawned, shuffled off to the kitchen and got the coffee going. Took a nice, leisurely shower and emerged ready to face the day. Little did I know...

Daughter yells downstairs: "Daaady - my sink isn't draining!"

Snaked the sink. Partial victory, but it was still draining slowly. Muttered something along the lines of "darn girls with their makeup and long hair." Told her to let it sit for a while.

Five minutes later: "Daaady - my toilet won't stop running!"

Took a look and discovered that the flapper valve was warped. Quick trip to Home Depot revealed that they don't make that kind of flapper valve anymore. Replacement valves are now bundled with the entire float kit.

Returned home. The wife yells: "Tiiim - the faucet outside is dripping."

Gave up and called a plumber. Turns out the sink is clogged because the air conditioning unit discharges its condensed water, which is full of slime and gunk, into the sink drain. He professionally snaked it and 'gave' us a product to pour down the drain once a month to dissolve the slime and gunk.

He also fixed the dripping faucet, and ordered a 'toilet rebuild' kit, to be installed Monday. I didn't know such a thing existed.

In the meantime, daughter dearest has to use the manual shutoff valve under the toilet every time she goes to stop it from running. Oh the hardship - you would have thought we took away her cell phone, credit card, and car all at once.

Speaking of her car, it had a flat...

... and the air conditioner is making a funny noise.

Sigh - welcome home my ass.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

It is good to be neede; not just as much.

Anonymous said...

Finally I get to say, 'Better you than me." Lest one thinks I only take delight in their misfortune I shall add welcome to my life, er, past life. I gave up that life nigh 10 years ago. It paid dividends so at the end it as worth it but boy o boy, at the time what a drag. Hopefully this is not Day One of many for you. Wanna' hear how a whole house remodel began with needing to install a new O ring in a bathroom sink faucet? I can laugh now. Just think of the wonderful memories you'll have.

Old NFO said...

The house missed you...LOL Now it wants it's attention! :-)

CenTexTim said...

WSF - very true!

Anon - it's amazing how many 'minor' repairs end up as major projects, but I've never had one mushroom like that. I'd love to hear the story sometime.

NFO - And after all I've done for it already...