Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day 2014

There's a Veterans Day toast that been floating around for a while. It goes something like this.
"To those have fought, to those who have fallen, to those who continue the fight."
As we observe Veterans Day 2014 I'd like to suggest that we all take a moment to express our gratitude to those who have served. I'll be doing so most of today (more on that later), but I will find some quiet time this evening to offer up that toast. If you, like me, are inclined to take a wee sip of spirits as part of your toast, may I suggest you consider one of these two fine American bourbons. (Full Disclosure - I have no connection or relationship, financial or otherwise, to either of these two distilleries.)

Veterans Day: Two Kentucky Bourbons Founded By Combat Vets
... it’s my solemn duty as a veteran / whiskey writer to inform you that on Veterans Day you can toast all Americans who served their country with two bourbons founded by U.S. combat veterans.

Bulleit Bourbon founder Tom Bulleit was a Navy corpsman attached to Marines and saved lives in Vietnam. When Bulleit speaks about Vietnam, like many veterans who remember their wars, his posture changes. “The thing I am most proud of in my life – other than being a husband and a father – is my service as a corpsman with the Marine Corps in Vietnam,” he says. “Nothing comes close to that.”

Tom Bulleit, the founder of Bulleit Bourbon, in Vietnam.
(Bulleit Bourbon) is poised to compete at the highest levels of bourbon sales. MB Roland Distillery, on the other hand, is a microscopic brand in comparison, but the stellar whiskey stands neck and neck with the bigger brands in taste offs.

A U.S. Army Infantry officer and West Point graduate, MB Roland founder Paul Tomaszewski named the Western Kentucky distillery after his wife’s maiden name, Merry Beth Roland. He served two tours in Iraq and came up with the idea for a distillery while in Iraq.
Paul Tomaszewski founded MB Roland Distillery.

What better way to honor our veterans than by supporting their post-military efforts...


Old NFO said...

Not a bourbon drinker, but I'll buy a couple of bottles...

CenTexTim said...

Keep some on hand for guests, give some as presents - or learn to like bourbon... :-)