Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My One And Only Post On Ferguson (Hopefully)

I am thoroughly disgusted by the events in Ferguson. A tragic shooting ... a rush to judgment ... one-sided reporting ... a populace that refuses to accept the facts ... a government that kow-tows to rioters and looters ... It all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In my opinion, here's the money quote from the Ferguson fiasco.
"Before the results of the private autopsy were released, witnesses on social media, during interviews with the media, and even during questioning by law enforcement claimed that they saw Officer Wilson stand over Michael Brown and fire many rounds into his back.

"Others claimed that Officer Wilson shot Mr. Brown in the back as Mr. Brown was running away.

"However, once the autopsy findings were released showing that Michael Brown had not sustained any wound to the back of his body, no additional witnesses made such a claim and several witnesses adjusted their stories in subsequent statements. Some even admitted that they did not witness the event at all, but merely repeated what they heard," the prosecuting attorney said. (emphasis added)
So are those who lied to the police being held accountable? Are those who are burning, looting, and rioting being held accountable?

Of course not.

Because to do so would be racist...

Peaceful protestors seeking justice for gentle giant Michael Brown.


Anonymous said...

None of these assholes burning, looting and destroying property were there when the 300 pound idiot tried assaulting a cop and failed miserably, were there when it happened. Therefore, they are all experts on this incident. As are all the other assholes who "protested" yesterday. They weren't there either. All they want to accomplish is to steal and burn anything and everything they can.

Old NFO said...

It is coming close to us having to do it ourselves... Just sayin...

CenTexTim said...

Anon - it's not just the 'protesters' who weren't there. Neither were the 'journalists,' racial agitators, sleazy politicians, and everyone else seeking to self-promote themselves at the expense of a dead teenager and a pilloried cop.

NFO - Sadly, I think you're right. The gov and the mayor don't even have enough guts to instruct the cops to enforce the laws against rioting and looting.