Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Random Observations - Elections, Dog, Marriage, And Christmas

Midterm Elections

Reflecting on the midterm election results, I can only ask myself where the hell were these voters in 2012?

Anyway, the dems have already started whining and finger-pointing.
Democrats dismayed with the loss of the Senate are pointing the finger squarely at President Obama.

In race after race across the country, vulnerable Democrats were unable to shed the shadow of a deeply unpopular White House.

Voters appeared eager to punish Obama after two years defined by crisis and mismanagement, and Republicans saw consistent success by labeling their opponents as potential rubber stamps for the president.

As the dust settled Tuesday night, top Democratic aides and strategists vented frustration with an administration they say could have done more to help the party out.

“It was President Obama dragging candidates down across the country,” one Senate Democratic aide said...

“It’s an inescapable fact that this election was more about Obama and frustration with his presidency than any other factor,” said one prominent Democratic strategist...
On the other hand:

Obama to Democratic hopefuls: It’s your fault
... administration officials shot back at liberal critics and argued that any candidate who blames Mr. Obama’s low approval ratings for electoral defeat should instead look in the mirror.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest specifically singled out Democratic gubernatorial candidates, some of whom the president has personally stumped for over the past few weeks.

“Ultimately, it’s the quality of these candidates that is going to be the driver of success in this election … the president was looking to be supportive of these Democratic candidates for governor. But ultimately, it is these governors or these candidates whose record is on the ballot,” Mr. Earnest said.

The White House also maintains that Tuesday’s elections — including races for governor, Senate and House — are not a true referendum on Mr. Obama’s record and should not be judged as such.

“The vast majority of voters are making a decision on election day based on the merits associated with the candidates at the top of the ballot,” Mr. Earnest said.

Progressives shot back that Mr. Obama failed to “define any agenda” for his party. They also went a step further by declaring Democrats need to remake the party in the “image” of populist hero Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, and urged the president to move to the left in the final two years of his tenure.

... liberal groups also say individual candidates are to blame, mainly because they didn’t embrace a populist message passionately enough, or did so too late.
Whine, whine, whine...

In any event,don't get too excited about the GOP gains. IMO we've just traded one set of crappy politicians for another...

Dog-Porcupine Update

Our dog is doing fine (backstory here). She's behaving normally (which is a mixed blessing). However, while petting her last night I felt something prickly around her muzzle. Closer examination revealed two small quills. After I pulled them out I took a closer look at the picture of her quill-studded face. I didn't see any in the area where I pulled those two, leading me to believe that they were in under the skin and just recently worked their way out. They didn't seem to be bothering her, but I just wonder if there are any more embedded in her. Hopefully not.

Wedded Bliss

I am happily married to a wonderful woman who is way too good for me. She is, however, not my first wife. When I saw yesterday's Hagar the Horrible comic strip I almost strangled myself trying to keep from laughing out loud. Let's just say it brought back memories.

Speaking of wedded bliss, I stumbled across this photo (location unknown). No further comment is necessary.

Holiday Season

I saw my first display of Christmas merchandise back on Oct. 11. But yesterday I saw my first display of holiday beer, which means the holiday season is well and truly upon us.


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