Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Great Hunting Road Trip - A Slight Detour

The original plan was for me to get home today. However, plans changed...

Day Ten

My wife and I talked last night. As anxious as she is for me to get home (*wink wink*), she suggested that it might be a good idea for me to swing by our weekend lakehouse and winterize it while I'm in the neighborhood.

Makes sense. It's just a little bit out of my way - adds about 90 miles to the overall trip of around 1400 miles (one way). So I'm at the lakehouse tonight. Tomorrow I'll wrap the pipes, check out the furnace and turn it on, etc. etc. etc.

No big deal. It needed to be done anyway. Besides, it was a very pleasant evening here on Lake Buchanan. A front blew through earlier today, clearing the air and providing one of those beautiful Central Texas sunsets that make life here such a joy.

The eagerly-looked-forward-to reunion of husband and wife will just have to wait one more day. What's that old saying - anticipation heightens the pleasure...?

To make the occasion extra-special, I brought my wife a romantic souvenir from Wyoming.

I know what you're thinking: kind of tacky, right? But there's a method to my madness. The pair I bought is size Small. My wife hasn't worn a Small since 6th grade, but she'll be so pleased that I think she's that size that her desire to pleasure me will know no bounds.
I haven't been married three times without learning something about women.
On another note, I drove through the West Texas wind farms today. It's a very eerie feeling, driving amongst those giant turbines that tower over you, silently and relentlessly turning over and over and over... They seem so out of place - advanced mechanisms dominating the ancient West Texas landscape. It's like aliens dropped down from the sky and installed thousands of these extraterrestrial machines that are just lurking in our midst, waiting for the signal to come to life and destroy us.
Nah, I'm letting my imagination run wild. Right...?

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Old NFO said...

Heh, good one... :-)

CenTexTim said...

I'm telling you, those damn wind turbines are really, really eerie...