Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Couldn't Have Happened To A More Deserving Jerk

Could it be that MSNBC actually has a shred of integrity?
On Tuesday, MSNBC officially cancelled Alec Baldwin’s interview program after the host used anti-gay slurs to insult a photographer on the streets of New York City.
Of course good ol' Alec claims he was misquoted.
"I dispute half the comment I made...”
Baldwin claims he said "c**ksucking maggot" instead of " c**ksucking faggot."

He further blames his firing on something called the “fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy.” (Is that anything like the "vast right-wing conspiracy"?)
...Baldwin went off on the “fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy,” including a number of prominent media personalities, who lobbied for his firing behind the scenes and successfully got him fired.
Typical liberal behavior. Blame everyone but yourself for the consequences of your actions.

There is one point, however, on which I agree with Alec. Why did MSNBC ax Baldwin for making a (disputed) gay slur, while taking absolutely no disciplinary action against Martin Bashir for saying live, on the air, clearly and unambiguously (and undisputedly), that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth and urinate in her eyes?

Could it be that MSNBC believes gays should be a protected group, but anything goes when talking about conservatives?

To answer the question I asked at the top of this post - "Could it be that MSNBC actually has a shred of integrity?"  - the answer is "nope."

Neither does Capitol One, which continues to employ Baldwin as its spokes-bigot...


Old NFO said...

Honestly, I'm amazed ANYONE will use him for anything...

CenTexTim said...

Maybe they're after the mindless idiot bigoted customers.