Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Woman After My Own Heart

Every once in a while a story like this pops up in the press. It illustrates the other side of the battle over the Second Amendment - the side where a firearm equalizes the playing field between an 89-year-old grandmother and a younger, stronger, cowardly thug.

Gun-toting granny sends burglar running
A burglary suspect on the city's east side learned that even little old ladies may be packing heat.

San Antonio police said an 89-year-old woman woke early Thursday morning to somebody attempting to break through the front door of her home in the 400 block of Como. Startled, she quickly fetched her .38 caliber.

She saw the burglar's flashlight inside the house and fired one shot toward the light, police said, which sent the suspect running off into the night.

The woman told police she did not get a good description of the suspect because it was too dark inside the house.

Police said they don't believe the suspect was hit because there was no blood and the bullet was found lodged in a wall inside the home.
I just wish she was a better shot.


Old NFO said...

Yep, little old ladies CAN shoot... and WILL...

Pascvaks said...

Sure sounds like Gran did everything right on! No mess to clean up, no paperwork or long discussions down at the station for 48 hours without sleep in a smoke filled room with Mutt and Jeff (some say GC/BC), no lawyers sueing her pants off for $4M + Damages and Mental Cruilty for killing (or worse, slightly wounding) the creep, no weak kneed DA taking her 'side' and hanging her out to dry, no litigation whatsoever, and not too many TV/Newspaper 'reporters' and soundbites. I'm telling you, she couldn't have done it any better in my book.

Oh yes! And she's the hit every Tuesday nite at BINGO and will be invited to her son's house for Christmas dinner, maybe, if he remembers. And the BadGuy, he's so shaken up from the whole experience that he's vowed to never ever do that again; well, at least not at that house, not until she dies of old age, and some idiot moves in;-)

CenTexTim said...

NFO - and good for them!

Pascvaks - Here in Texas we have a version of the Castle Doctrine which protects us (at least somewhat)from things like that, especially if it happens inside the home. Plus we have enough folks around here with common sense so that no jury would find against her.

Pascvaks said...

I understand where you're coming from, but I still say she was lucky, or smart, she didn't hit the SOB and it turned out the way it did for her. Even if the Law wouldn't have hung her, it would have been mighty disruptive just to go through all the @#$# paperwork. At 89, she doesn't need anymore aggrivation or disruption, that's what I meant;-)