Friday, April 6, 2012

People Search For The Strangest Things

Here's a sequel to a recent post about reviewing my blog stats. As I mentioned, the most-viewed pages were those having something to do with sex, or some variation thereof. Mildly interesting, but not especially surprising.

What was surprising, however, were some of the search terms that led people here. Three in particular stood out
Search Words: used bra for sale

Search Words: butt chin cartoon
Search Words: guy in love you like a love song sunglasses
Anyone wanna fess up and explain themselves?


Old NFO said...

LOL, not even going there, those are 'strange' to put it mildly...

Pascvaks said...

It probably has something to do with the old "Monkeys & Typewriters & Shakespeare" saying. I guess anything's possible on a speck of dust in the middle of nowhere with 7 billion monkies with pc's and laptops, not to mention all those ipads and phones in their pockets.

Harper said...

I'm always amused by the number of .gov, .mil and .edu IP addresses and the content of their searches on my blog.