Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vacation Notes

Remember the old days when you had to send off your film from vacation to get the pictures developed? And you didn't know if you had a good time until you saw the photos? Well, thanks to the combination of modern technology and good old-fashioned procrastination I didn't know what a good time I had until I looked over these.

Here's one that gives a good overview of looking down at the main camp from about 500 feet above it (look closely - the small white things are the barn and other buildings). The main camp is about 4500 feet elevation, and the picture was taken from about 5000 feet.

Here's another view from the same spot going farther up into the mountains.

In such a remote location, both the people and the horses must become very adaptable and innovative in order to survive and prosper. In the first photo below, my wife's horse has figured out which saddlebags contain the apples and horse treats. In the second photo, someone has found a way to prop open a window in order to admit the cooling breeze.


Finally, on one of our rides up the mountain, we found a rock that contained a fossil. I'm not a geology or paleontology expert, but it sure looks like some sort of prehistoric fish. It's mind-boggling to think that a vast ocean once covered these mountains up to a depth of over a mile.

More vacation notes to come later. Try and control your excitement...

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