Monday, August 29, 2011

FOD 2011.08.29

Today we have a three-fer.

The first one caught my eye because I struggle mightily with my students' disdain for and disregard of the rules concerning grammar and punctuation. They frustrate me no end - almost as much as the downgrader-in-chief frustrates me.

(H/T iOwnTheWorld

Many of you may have already seen the second one, but hey - I like it, and it's my blog, so I'm posting it.

I can't decide if that jerk on the right is a pimp, a gay prostitute, a drug dealer, or all three.

(H/T various sources too numerous to list)

I have to give credit to the guy in the third one. At least he's man enough to stand up and admit it when he's made a mistake. We need more people like him in this country.

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