Monday, August 29, 2011

My Blood Is Boiling

It's not just due to the temperature - 110 degrees outside and climbing. My AC can't keep pace. It's been running continuously for the past few hours and the interior temp is still rising. The cold Shiners I've been inhaling just don't seem to help.

They are good for one thing, though. I usually try to have some semblance of reason and balance in my posts, along with some references to more-or-less reliable sources. But this afternoon I ran across a news story that got me fired up, and I just don't feel like paying homage to the PC gods.

Swarm and Slug Mobs
There’s an alert out about recent assaults on bike riders in south St. Louis., an organization that promotes hiking and biking, is cautioning riders to be on the alert for roving bands of teenagers who swarm and attack riders.

Trailnet says the latest attack was last Thursday (8/25) afternoon near Missouri Botanical Garden where a group of 10 to 15 African-American teens charged and attacked a cyclist.

“They weren’t really interested in robbing me. It just seemed like they wanted to beat me up,” says assault victim Cheech Ramirez. “They weren’t interested in letting me get off the ground and having a fair fight.”

Police say there have been other, similar attacks in the city, and they believe all the victims are picked at random.
Give the local CBS affiliate credit for having enough cojones to identify the race of the attackers. Many other cities are kowtowing to the PC assholes and refusing to publish the racial makeup of roving mobs.
If mobs of white youths were going about chanting the phrase "white boys," beating mostly on blacks and attacking black-owned businesses, then the nation would pay attention.  Academic, media, political, and legal elites would be calling for symposia, expanded reporting, legislation, and lawsuits.

In fact, a mob of black youths in Philadelphia went about chanting the phrase "black boys," beating mostly on whites, and attacking businesses.  The same kind of racial mob violence has occurred in Las Vegas, and just last week in New York City.  Few are paying attention, and liberal elites are largely silent.

If you really want to get riled up, check out this story about the Knockout King 'game'.

BTW, when you read it note the names and photos of the participants. The story doesn't come out and say it, but it's painfully obvious that the thugs involved are black African American people of color non-white I don't know what the hell to call 'em anymore.

It's a downright shame that I have to post this on the day when the MLK memorial was supposed to be dedicated. He would be so proud of what his people have overcome to date...

Here's a couple of suggestions to stop the St. Louis attacks on bicyclists specifically, and the other 'flash mob' attacks in general.

One, allow concealed carry throughout the land. A few .45 rounds sent downrange will go a long way to eliminating this crap.

Two, get rid of subsidized housing, food stamps, and unemployment payments. Make those worthless assholes go out and earn a living and they won't have time or energy to molest honest hard-working citizens. As an added bonus, they won't be able to afford cell phones to coordinate this thuggery.

And three, blacks should get over their knee-jerk reaction to voting for democrats. That party is not now, nor has it ever been, their friend...


Anonymous said...

Yup CentexTim,

The "Messiah" has enabled his fellow blacks alright. His election by the blacks and moronic, bleeding-heart Liberals was the catalyst which has ignited this violence amongst the "Government" supported (in reality blood-money) worthless vermin.

Once the violence starts it's going to be very difficult to stop. Take England for example. The emasculated cops there still believe making "nice-nice" to a bunch of social deviates will cure the riots. Give 'em what they want and they'll be good.

That's ignorant Left-Wing B.S. The only realistic answer is to meet force with bigger, badder more powerful force.

CenTexTim said...

Class warfare is going to be another obama legacy. Nov. 2012 can't get here soon enough.