Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School

The first day of back-to-school meetings was as bad as I feared. Just one example: we spent 15 minutes - 15 friggin' minutes!!! - being walked through the updated college directory.

We learned all sorts of interesting stuff, like how it was organized by departments, and how it was alphabetical within each department. If you didn't know what department someone was in, there's a section at the end that lists everyone in alphabetical order, along with what department they are in.

I'll freely acknowledge that, as a group, college professors come up a little short in the common sense department. However, I think even us eggheads could have eventually figured this out by ourselves.


After a while the eyes glaze over, the ears cease functioning, and the mind wanders. It was amazing to watch a room full of faculty doing a spot-on imitation of our students.

The picture below pretty much sums things up.

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