Wednesday, August 17, 2011

They're Starting To Piss Me Off

I'm not the world's biggest Rick Perry fan. I'm with him on some points, and agin 'im on others. But what's really starting to gall me is the reaction of the mainstream media democratic lapdog press to his candidacy. The day he announced he was running the negative stories started appearing. 

The media doesn't even make a pretense at impartiality. Perry's college transcript has already been leaked, and we still know next to nothing about obama's educational background. You can bet everything Perry's done since learning to walk will be probed, scrutinized, and analyzed ("He wasn't potty trained until he was four. He's obviously not qualified to be president"). Yet where's the investigative reporting into obama's bogus land deals with Tony Rezko, his long-standing relationship with noted anti-Americans like Jeremiah Wright and terrorists such as Bill Ayers?

Don't get me wrong. Perry's not as pure as the new-driven snow. No one in politics is. I'd just like to see the same standards applied to everyone in the political arena. I know, I know ... wishful thinking.

Bottom line - the media is going after Perry with the same fury they've displayed towards Palin and Bachmann. It's starting to get old.

And hopefully, it's starting to generate a backlash amongst American voters...

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