Wednesday, July 15, 2015

UK Roadtrip Notes - 3

Wrapped up the trip today with a 21 mile bicycle tour around Edinburgh.

21 miles may not sound like a big deal on a stationary bike in the gym, but it's a totally different matter outdoors, on cobblestone streets and narrow bike paths that constantly go uphill ... and into the wind. I was dying...

Partially recovered by popping some Ranger candy (ibuprofen) and washing that down with a few pints. But I am NOT looking forward to tomorrow.

The good news is that tomorrow we board a flight for home. It's been a great trip, but I'm ready to sleep in my own bed for a change.


Old NFO said...

Yep, you got some exercise! :-) I, on the other hand, cheated and took a taxi up to the castle... :-D

Bag Blog said...

My hubby loves bicycles. I tolerate them. We do some major bike rides around OK and TX. His idea vacation would be to tour the country on bicycles. It's not my idea vacation, but I told him I would drive an RV and follow him :)

CenTexTim said...

NFO - A taxi?!? That IS cheating... :-)

BB - Sounds like a great plan to me!