Thursday, July 16, 2015

Home At Last

It was a long day yesterday - 22 hours from the time we got up until we laid our heads down. But at least we laid them on our own pillows. That's a very nice feeling.

Our flight out of Edinburgh to Newark was delayed. Much uncertainty on the part of the airline as to the new departure time. Updates were few, far between, and inconsistent. Frustration level mounted accordingly.

Finally took off over two hours late. A manageable connection in Newark (4+ hours) had shrunk to a narrow window - about 1 1/2 hours. That may sound like enough time, but we had to clear Immigration and Customs, recheck our bags, and go through security again - plus get from one end of the airport to another (why are international gates always placed as far away as possible as the other gates?).

At Newark, the baggage carousel was having problems. Luggage would get jammed up at the top, creating a backlog below. The baggage handlers would crawl up the ramp, clear the logjam, and restart the carousel. Lather, rinse, repeat...

We finally got our bags, dashed through Customs and Immigration (if you haven't enrolled in the TSA Pre √ and the Customs Global Entry programs, do so ASAP - they've saved me untold amounts of time and aggravation), and made the mile-long sprint from the International gates to our departure gate. Got there sweaty and breathless just in time.

We made the flight - our luggage didn't.

So today I'm catching up on mail, doing chores around the house, getting my internal clock back in sync, and all that sort of stuff while waiting for the lost luggage to turn up.

Oh well, at least I don't have to do any laundry...


Anonymous said...

Currently, International travel sucks and that's why I don't partake in it anymore.

Back in the day (Mid-60's and most of the 70's) things in regards to International air travel were far better than today.

No security, planes half full, no half assed brats travelling on a High school sponsored trip. (Heck, our senior high school trip was a ONE day bus ride from North NJ 70 miles to Asbury Park (NJ Shore).

OK, the prices were high but you were allowed 2 check-ins, got free drinks and a meal on china with real silverware. The person in the next seat was an educated, social person.

In those days only the moderately rich could travel to Europe by air. No slobinos, thank God!

Life was good!

Welcome home to the land of King Obama, CTT.

Bag Blog said...

We had a similar adventure years ago when we flew out of Scotland. Lots of delays and switching flights in Amsterdam. Then the mad dash across some airport like Detroit after dragging our luggage through customs. Yep, yep, the only thing worse is flying through San Salvador. Glad your home safely.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Welcome back.

Old NFO said...

Welcome home. And now you know what I go through ALL the time. And yes, TSA Pre and Global Entry ARE worth their weight in gold!

CenTexTim said...

Toejam - That's true of air travel in general. I remember my parents making me get dressed up to fly. Not true today...

BB - I would have sworn that a 4 hour layover was plenty long enough. Wrong again...

WSF - thanks. It's good to be home again, regardless of the nonsense going on.

NFO - yeah, but you get paid big bucks to put up with those hassles... :-)