Monday, July 13, 2015

UK Roadtrip Notes 2

Transferred our base of operations from Stirling to Edinburgh. One is small (Stirling) and the other large (Edinburgh). Both are lovely places. Both are home to amazing history. And they have one more thing in common.

Everything is uphill in both places.

I don't just mean uphill. I mean up-the-friggin'-steepist-in-the-world-hill.

I haven't walked uphill so much since I went to school as a kid. Back then it was also uphill both ways, but at least now I'm not barefoot. And here there be pubs at which one can rest and recover, so it's not all bad.

More castles and cathedrals tomorrow.

More detailed posts later.

Keep the home fires burning until I return...


Old NFO said...

Tryin... and if you get up to the castle, make sure to visit the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum in the New Barracks and the Royal Scots Museum across the way. Both are EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

Yea and after perusing the castle walk the "Royal Mile" Down hill to Holyrood castle.

Ya gotta have a brew in every pub along the way, CTT.

Then have a walk in the Princes Street gardens below the castle.

I did this many times and was never bored......Drunk, but not bored!

Unknown said...

NFO - visited both, along with the Scottish War Museum. Good stuff!

Toejam - did Holyrood, Princes St., and the Royal Mile. Sending this reply from the World's End pub.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some cathedral pictures will be posted? Enjoy your trip and ealso the "resting spots" on the hills!

CenTexTim said...

Pics will be posted in a few days - after we get home and I finally have a decent internet connection.