Monday, September 22, 2014

FOD VP Edition

Evidently obama's ineptness has filtered down to his Vice President.

Joe Biden rounds out his terrible week with another awful gaffe
First he uttered the word "shylock."
Vice President Joe Biden drew rebuke this week from the Anti-Defamation League for using an anti-Jewish slur, "Shylocks," while speaking at a conference for the Legal Services Corporation.
Then he referred to the Far East as that mystical land known as "the Orient."
Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday traveled to Iowa, where he referred to Asia as the "Orient." The term is widely considered derogatory...
And now he has praised a Republican senator who resigned in disgrace over charges of sexual harassment — in a speech that was meant to shore up the Democratic Party's bona fides on women's issues.

In his remarks to the DNC's Women's Leadership Forum, Biden gave a shout-out to Bob Packwood, a former Republican senator from Oregon, as an example of a more moderate kind of Republican politician. The problem is that Packwood was forced to step down in 1995 after he was accused of harassment by 10 different women.
That's a bad week even by Biden's exceptionally low standards...

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