Monday, February 17, 2014

FOD 2014.02.17 - Second Helping

Rumors of trouble in the obama marriage began shortly after barry took that infamous selfie with the hot Danish prime minister.

Those rumors received a boost this weekend when the First Couple took seperate vacations.
President Obama’s trip to California today is expected to launch a three-day weekend of golf, getting in some undoubtably badly needed R&R just a month after completing a two-week golf vacation to Hawaii.
Meanwhile, michelle went off for her own vacation - skiing in Aspen. Not only is she blowing a wad of taxpayer cash, she's also inconveniencing others.
By skiing in a tony Colorado location, Mrs. Obama ... chose the most the expensive location for taxpayers possible short of heading to the Alps. She took an Air Force jet and a cargo plane 2,000 miles across the country so she could slide down America’s most powdery slopes beside its wealthiest skiers.

...Mrs. Obama’s arrival shut down the Aspen airport for an hour on a high travel day...
Tell me again about income inequality and the arrogant 1%...

I couldn't care less about the relationship between barry and mooch. What I do care about, however, is the fact that all these seperate vacations are doubling the cost to the American taxpayer.

In related news, there are reports of increased Bigfoot sightings in Aspen.


Toejam said...

Big foot or BIG ASS?

Old NFO said...

Ass... sigh...

CenTexTim said...

Hey guys, don't you know that some people think a big booty is beautiful. Think "Kim Kardashian"...

Toejam said...

Think "Kim Kardashian"????




Wealth.....YOU BETCHYA!! It'd buy endless red wine, a fine 5,000 sq. foot get-away in the Florida Keys and a 3 car garage to park my:

1) Vintage 1968 440 ci. Hemi powered Charger.

2) My 1964, blue Harley Electra-Glide.

3) A pristine P-51D North American Mustang.......OH and lessions to get my single-engine license.

Now I have to ask you; would you trade my "wish-list for 40 lbs. of celuite prone blubber?

My Mustang, Dodge and Harley will still be humming when Kims fat butt is sagging around her knees and slapping her equally altitude challenged knockers!