Friday, January 31, 2014

Who Is Leading The War On Women?

It comes as no surprise that the real 'War on Women' is being waged by democrats, not republicans - at least to most people who stay abreast (hah!) of current events.

The latest example: a Massachusetts state representative who is serving a six month prison term for assault and battery of his girl friend.
Inmate lawmaker Rep. Carlos Henriquez is doing his Beacon Hill business from his Billerica jail cell, thumbing through bills and budget proposals, and speaking to staff by phone “at least once a day,” according to the disgraced Dorchester Democrat’s legislative aide.

“We’ve been in regular contact with him, and at this point he’s concerned with the issues of the district,” aide Jessica DaSilva told the Herald.

DaSilva said Henriquez’s office is fielding four or five constituent calls a day, mostly from people concerned about cuts to unemployment benefits. (*snort*)

She declined to characterize the telephone calls further, and said she had not visited Henriquez in person at the Middlesex House of Correction.

Henriquez is serving a six-month sentence there after a jury convicted him Jan. 15 for the July 2012  assault and battery of a woman he was dating.

Henriquez, elected in 2010, made $68,000 as a lawmaker last year and belongs to several House committees, including on judiciary, education, ways and means, and mental health and substance abuse. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Black and Latino Legislative Caucus.
Democrat War on Woman Representative Carlos Henriquez

Henriquez, of course, is following in the hallowed footsteps of such democrat icons as Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Henry Cisneros, and, as Ann Coulter pointed out, the only participant in the War on Women with a confirmed kill - Ted Kennedy.

Not to be left out, in his recent State of the Union speech barack obama said this: “Today, women make up about half our workforce. But they still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. That is wrong, and in 2014, it’s an embarrassment.”

He's absolutely correct. The fact that women do not make as much as men for doing the same job is wrong, and is and embarrassment.

Oh, and BTW, here's a chart showing what the obama White House pays its females staffers compared to males.

Actions speak so much louder than words...


Old NFO said...

Oopsie... Hate it when the 'truth' counteracts all those lies... :-)

Toejam said...

Show any Liberal these facts and they'll snort: "I don't want to hear it."

This is my Liberal sister's response to anything that she doesn't agree with.


CenTexTim said...

Hey guys - brings to mind the old saying about "My mind is made up - don't confuse me with the facts."