Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lost In Translation

By now everyone has heard about the incident in South Africa where an imposter took the stage during the Nelson Mandela memorial service. But just in case you haven't here's a summary.

Without any training or experience, this guy applied for the job, got the job and fooled people for years by just putting on an elaborate show. The fact that he was standing on stage next to a lot of important people put him beyond question in the minds of most people. Those who really understood that what he was saying actually made no sense were ignored.

And now we have this South African interpreter doing the same thing.
I've seen the above in several places on the Internet. I have no idea who posted it first, but whoever did deserves kudos. He or she nailed it!

Speaking of Mandela's memorial service, here's another version of barry yukking it up with the Danish prime minister (the cougar-looking blond) and an obviously pissed-off Michelle.

What an asshole ... and I don't mean the translator.


Old NFO said...

Waiting for firings from USSS in 3...2...

jeff said...

I would hit it...the Danish PM that is.
The MSM can spin this as much as they want but Mooch is absolutely livid, and as soon as Valerie Jarrett showed up they switched seats. Barry was treated like a son-in-law getting berated for ignoring his beloved Moochy.
Who is really running things?

CenTexTim said...
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CenTexTim said...

NFO - Yeah, that was an epic fail, wasn't it...

Jeff - hot Danish blondes age well - angry black women, not so much.