Thursday, December 5, 2013

Here We Come A-Wassailing

According to Google "wassail" can be either a noun (spiced ale or mulled wine drunk during the Christmas holidays) or a verb (to drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way).

Here in Texas it's both.

Despite the rotten weather, the Texas Hill Country town of New Braunfels - just a short drive from our home - will hold its annual Wassailfest this evening.
... tonight is Wassailfest, and city officials say the event will go on as planned, despite today’s blustery cold front ... the cold (and possibly wet) weather won’t keep them from holding this year’s event, which starts at 6 tonight on the Main Plaza in downtown New Braunfels. 

The streets downtown will begin closing a little after 5pm, and the Mayor’s official Wassail Toast kicking off the event begins at 6pm at the bandstand on the Main Plaza. 

This year’s Wassailfest event will feature 37 different Wassail Stops...
That's 37 different places to get a drink.

We Texans are a hardy bunch.

Tis the season...

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