Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Country Has Lost Its Friggin' Mind

When I came across the following story I couldn't believe it. As you read it keep in mind that this happened in a small town in North Carolina. If something like this can happen there, this country is well and truly lost.
Eagle Scout Cole Withrow was just a few weeks from graduating with honors from his North Carolina high school, but now the active church member is facing a felony weapons charge and a precarious future after accidentally leaving a shotgun in his pickup truck in the school parking lot.

Most members of the Johnston County community, just southeast of Raleigh believe the 18-year-old is paying far too big a price for an honest mistake. Withrow had been skeet shooting with friends a day before, and only noticed he had left his shotgun in his truck on Monday morning as he reached to grab his book bag, said family friend Kimberly Boykin. When he realized his mistake, rather than leave school grounds, he went to the front office to call his mother for help.

“He didn’t know what to do,” Boykin, whose son is friends with Withrow, told Fox News. “If you jump in the truck and leave, then they get you for skipping school. Once you are there you have to say.

“I think it’s an injustice for this young man,” she added. “He’s a good guy. He’s loved by his classmates and his teachers. You don’t become an Eagle Scout by being a bad seed.”

She said the school district is sending a very bad message to students.

“You teach your kids if you’re in trouble or if you see you’ve done something wrong, go ahead and admit it,” she said. “Be a man and it’ll be fixed. In this case, that’s what he did and he’s being punished for it. That’s not the lesson we need to teach our kids.”

Withrow, who did his senior class project on gun safety, locked the gun in his truck before going to call his mother. But when he asked her to come and take the gun, the trouble started.

“He was overheard in a private conversation with his mother explaining what happened,” Boykin said. “He could have told a story, but he told the truth.”

A spokesperson for Johnston County Schools confirmed to Fox News that they found the shotgun in Withrow’s locked vehicle.

“The law is very clear when a person knowingly and willingly brings a weapon onto educational property,” spokesperson Tracey Peedin Jones said. “The situation was turned over to law enforcement immediately.”

Boykin said he was also expelled for 365 days – meaning that he will not be able to graduate from high school.

“He cannot go back on the campus,” Boykin said. “If that happens he won’t get a diploma. He won’t get to walk across the stage with the kids he’s known since birth. He won’t get to start college in the fall.”

Withrow’s arrest has sparked outrage across this small town, southeast of Raleigh. A Facebook page has been launched to generate support for the boy – and students have launched a Twitter hash-tag “#FREECOLE.”

“He is very honest and respectable and would never intentionally try to hurt anyone,” said classmate Kelcie Thomas. “It was an honest mistake and my whole school is backing him up and supporting him fully.”

The Withrow family is not talking to the media on the advice of their attorney – but Boykin said the family is just heartbroken.

“It’s almost like they are in a fog – something so innocent has turned into this big to-do,” she said. “When you try to do the right thing, you get in trouble.”

The school system is standing by their decision.

“Administration reacted promptly and the proper procedures and protocol were followed,” Jones said. “The situation was turned over to law enforcement immediately. As a result of our investigation, it is our best determination that students and staff were safe at all times.”
What a giant load of crap. The administration are spineless idiots. The cops are spineless idiots. All it would have taken was for one person with some common sense and integrity to stand up and say "This is the wrong thing to do." But because those involved are a pack of gutless blind rule-followers, we have an outstanding young person whose life is on the verge of ruin, and a number of other young people who are left with the impression that they next time they make a mistake, they should lie and cover it up.

If they go down that road they'll become politicians, journalists, or school administrators.


Old NFO said...

Zero tolerance, idjits in charge, and THIS is what happens... Common sense and honesty (which SHOULD have been praised), has turned this kid into a 'potential' felon... /spit...

Bear said...

This kinda stuff makes me sick to my stomach, and honestly makes me question if I even want to have kids, for fear of the society they'll be entering. This kinda stuff is why I have such a problem with Zero Tolerance policies... it eliminates the need for common sense decisions to be made.

CenTexTim said...

I agree with you both. Zero tolerance = zero common sense. And if there's one thing this country needs right now, it's common sense - lots and lots of common sense.