Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Incest Begins At Home

During last March's visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, obama introduced him to his chief foreign policy speechwriter, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes, and said:
"Just remember that anything offensive that I say, it's because of him." Obama then pointed out that Rhodes' brother, David, runs CBS News and has a "proud Jewish mother."
Netanyahu quipped, "It sounds like a very incestuous relationship,"

"Not if you watch CBS News," Obama retorted.
Benjamin Netanyahu is a very perceptive man. There's a world of truth in his observation and obama's reply.

It's an article of faith among most of us that there is a profound media bias in obama's favor. I always wrote it off to the general tendency of 'journalists' to lean left.
Surveys over the past 30 years have consistently found that journalists — especially those at the highest ranks of their profession — are much more liberal than rest of America. They are more likely to vote liberal, more likely to describe themselves as liberal, and more likely to agree with the liberal position on policy matters than members of the general public.
But it's now becoming obvious that in obama's case there's more in play than just the 'normal' liberalism of the media. For example: (Hat tips to Day by Day and A Nod to the Gods for the heads-up on the following.)
Barack Obama's "Tower of Fabrications," as Peter Wehner describes the Benghazi scandal, is beginning to crack. And that crack will soon reveal a central figure behind the cover-up, a man close to Barack Obama for years but generally unknown to the public: Ben Rhodes.
Rhodes has absolutely no foreign policy or military experience. So what makes him qualified to be a top NSC adviser to the President of the United States?
Coincidentally (or not) Ben Rhodes's brother, David Rhodes, is the head of CBS News. One of the most dogged journalists trying to peel away the covers behind the Benghazi scandal has been CBS journalist Sharyl Atkinson. She has had to endure pressure from liberal journalistic colleagues to stop digging. Politico reports that "network sources" say that she "can't get some of her stories on the air."

The coercion may be going into overdrive as the investigations gets closer to fingering Ben Rhodes as the key player behind the Benghazi cover-up.  According to Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller, CBS News may be on the verge of firing Atkinson.

Furthermore, Ben Rhodes is married to Ann Norris, senior foreign and defense advisor to Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California).
As if that's not enough:
ABC President Ben Sherwood's sister, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, is a Special Assistant to Barack Obama on national security affairs.

CNN's deputy bureau chief, Virginia Moseley, is the wife of Tom Nides, who until February was Hillary Clinton's deputy.
Not convinced yet? Here's one more example. Jay Carney, obama's spokesweasel, is married to ABC senior national correspondent Claire Shipman. Doesn't that seem to present just a teeny little conflict of interest for Shipman?

Evidently not, since she's never been remotely close to being objective.
Shipman ... has a reputation as an activist liberal. In 2008, she hailed Barack Obama, the now-boss of her husband, as "brave" for a speech disassociating himself with radical preacher Jeremiah Wright. In 2007, she fawned over Obama's "fluid poetry."

In 2000, she lauded Al Gore as a "pretty conservative Democrat."
Maybe in her universe, but not in the one the rest of us inhabit.
In 2004, discussing former Communist leader Mikhail Gorbachev, she touted him as "generally regarded" for being "the man who broke down the ‘Iron Curtain.'"
I guess she never heard of Ronald Reagan.

One definition of incestuous relationship is "being so close or intimate as to prevent proper functioning."

There should be a picture of obama and his extended White House family next to that one...


Old NFO said...

Yeah, how deep does the rot go???

CenTexTim said...

IMO the whole damn political, journalism, and entertainment worlds are rotted through and through.

Toss in a big chunk of Wall Street as well...

jeff said...

Tim - When I posted that image I thought "how cute, nepotism, journalism, cronyism, all rolled into one fine marriage made in heaven for The Great One.
But damn, Obama has 'em planted everywhere.

Toejam said...

Would it be fair to say the Obamanoma tumor has metastasized?

CenTexTim said...

Jeff and Toejam - I couldn't believe all the incestuous cancerous links between obama and the lamestream media. It's mind-boggling. No wonder the guy is never held accountable for anything.