Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Two Bag And Two Bottle Night

I'm sorry.

I've tried -- really, really tried -- to diversify my posts. I get as tired of writing about obama and his latest foolishness as you are of reading about it.

But yet he keeps embroiling himself in more and more bizarre situations. For instance, as many commentators have pointed out -- and mocked -- the obama reelection campaign has sunk to hitherto unplumbed depths of boorishness by pleading for newlyweds to ask friends and relatives to funnel cash to the begger-in-chief in place of gifting the happy couple.
Just when you thought the Obama campaign couldn’t get any more desperate, they come up with this: the Obama Event Registry, asking supporters who are getting married, having a birthday, or celebrating an anniversary to direct gift-givers to Obama’s re-election website.
That's bad enough. But it gets worse - much, much worse. To borrow the intro line from the above paragraph, "Just when you thought the Obama campaign couldn’t get any more desperate, they come up with this:"
In (his) latest campaign gimic (sic) Obama offers dating tips on how to score a woman like Michelle.
OMG! Do you have any idea how much tequila I'd have to guzzle to even consider scoring with a 'woman' like Michelle? The agave plant would become an endangered species.
Then he winks at the camera.
Gag me with a spoon! (Video here if you can stomach it.)

(H/T Jimbo at PRS for the link.)


Harper said...

I guarantee dinner at my house would be more entertaining. And we drink real beer and eat big hunks of American beef.

It is entertaining to see that they aren't deleting all of the derogatory comments left on the 'Register your event' blog.

Pascvaks said...

CenTexTim - This is just the first chapter in The Chicago New Age Community Organizer's Handbook "How to Win Friends and Influence People in Chicago", the "R" and "X" Rated stuff doesn't start until Chapter 5, or is it still Chapter 10, it's been updated in the past four years, anyway, it really get's dirty after Chapter 3: "Dress your Friends up like Arabs and burn down a few hundred Churches". Chapter 4 is "No More Watts, Burn Manhatten from 85th Street to the Battery!" Like I said, Chapter 5 gets real bloody.

Know the difference between Chicago Hardball and Softball?

The size and weight of the bullets.

CenTexTim said...

Harper - beer and beef ... Mmmm ... what time's dinner?

Pascvaks - Chicago ball - LOL!