Thursday, March 22, 2012

There Is No Hell Hot Enough...

... for a cowardly gut-less ball-less low-life scum like this miserable piece of excrement. I hope he suffers the fires of damnation from here to eternity.

"Self-confessed terrorist thought to have killed seven people in two weeks..."

The victims include three French paratroopers and four people - one adult and three children - at a Jewish school in France.

Is anyone really surprised that the killer's name is Mohammed, and he is a devout follower of the alleged 'religion of peace?'

As the folks at the link pointed out, all of the victims are deserving of our sympathy and respect. But the particularly brutal murder of seven-year-old Miriam Monsonego is especially heartrending.
According to initial details, a man riding on a scooter opened fire on the school at around 7:46 am, as the students were arriving for the school day...

Jonathan Sandler was the first one to be shot at short range by the killer. He was holding his son Gabriel in his arms. Gabriel was hit and fell to the ground and then (Sandler's other son) Arieh followed.

According to eye-witnesses, the gun then jammed, temporarily putting a halt to the rampage but the killer swiftly changed weapons and headed into the school. He grabbed Miriam as she tried to escape, grasped her hair and shot her.
Then, as she bled to death on the floor, he lifted up her head and fired two additional bullets.  

 Miriam Monsonego - RIP

What a brave, heroic warrior of islam. He took on a school full of unarmed men, women, and children. Way to go, Mohammed. You've certainly carried on the proud tradition of of your pedophile-worshiping camel-screwing travesty of a religion.

As of this writing Mo has barricaded himself into a building in France. He doesn't even have the common courtesy to blow himself up like any other halfway decent suicide bomber.

If I was in charge of the French police I'd just pull everyone back about a block and then flat-out level that building. Then I'd purge my country of any remaining adherents to that vile evil religion.

I'm normally a fairly calm, reasonable person who believes in live and let live. But if there's a nest of copperheads under my house that are threatening my family then all bets are off.

Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out...


Anonymous said...

"Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out..."

Roger that, CTT,

But make it slow and painful.

I've got lots of ideas on how to accomplish that mission.


Pascvaks said...

"The only Good ____ is a dead ____!"

I'll bet that every language all the way back to the cave and tree days of our evolution have had this line in it. As I recall, if the people to whom the wild ones belong do not take care of their problem then they all become 'the problem' and eventually get decimated.

Pascvaks said...

Unfortunately for everyone, knowing the cause of the problem doesn't solve the problem. Perhaps the next species of humans, Homo sapien nextus(?), will have some ittsy-bittsy difference that makes this all a thing of the past. Now that would be a different species in deed and in fact. Dream on McDuff! Dream on! It won't happen on our watch!;-)

SRG said...

Islam has already taken over Europe and they have no answers. Maybe this shockingly terrible monstrous act will make some wake up.
I know it is getting bad over here. My brother was working in Michigan and said that islamists have a call to prayer blasted over loud speakers. Amazing.

Pascvaks said...

@SRG -
Nichts Verstehen? What do you need 'loud speakers' for when everyone should already have the Mandatory 'Mecca Blessed' App on their Cell Phone already? I understand it's cheap too, only 2 pounds of flesh instead of the usuall 6. This sounds like somebody's trying to intimidate somebody and some politician (or sleazy sheriff) is letting it happen (probabply with Kick-Backs too). You know even a newborn knows when someone's trying to make them drink something they don't want to drink. This is a revoltin' developement this is! We sure are gettin' stupid in this country. Somethin' in the water... or maybe.. maybe there's somethin' that supposed to be in the water but ain't? Gotta' think about that.

kerrcarto said...

They dicked around for 30 hours trying to take this POS alive. How did that work out for ya' frenchies? The dude still got tapped in the head. You should have done that 30 hours earlier.

CenTexTim said...

Pascvaks - way back when it was tribe vs. tribe the losing tribe was either exterminated or enslaved by the winning tribe. Sometimes I think that wasn't such a bad idea.

SRG - It's my understanding that the Detroit area has the highest concentration of muslims in the country. And I've heard that they complain about church bells ringing on Sunday mornings, but blast their amplified caterwauling five times a day seven days a week. GMAFB.

Kerrcarto - the French police should have leveled that building while it was full of those scumbags. That way they would have gotten more than one.

CenTexTim said...

Oops, sorry Toejam, I forgot about you. I alternate between preferring a quick, efficient, business-like extermination or an Old Testament-style vengeful retribution. For this one guy, at least, let's go with slow and painful.

jeffli6 said...

Level it all. See 'em in thirty years to figure out how many virgins they are gonna need.

Jeffli6-formerly SRG, sorry for the confusion, not my choice.