Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Think Of The Children

The story below gives us a preview of coming attractions if obama gets a second term.

Notice that this story originated from a British paper. No U.S. mainstream media outlet wanted to print it, because it (1) points out the greed and out-of-touch-with-reality nature of unions, and (2) gives us a preview of the abuses we can expect under obamacare (along with, of course, 'free' contraceptives and abortifacients).

Teachers in cash-strapped US school district get free plastic surgery
Teachers in a cash-strapped US school district are entitled to free plastic surgery under the terms of their health insurance policies.

Among the procedures which have been carried out at taxpayers' expense on teachers in Buffalo, New York, in recent years are nose jobs, liposuction, breast implants and Botox injections.

Last year, the town's 3,400 teachers spent $5.9 million of public money on enhancing their appearance, at a time when the school district is forecast to run a $42 million deficit.
Once the math is done, that works out to $1735 per teacher. The total of $5.9M is almost 15% of the total deficit.

$5.9 million would buy a lot of books, or hire a lot of new teachers. But instead the union, and yes, the teachers themselves, would rather get rid of their wrinkles, plump up their lips, and do other assorted nips, tucks, and augmentations.
... Nine out of 10 procedures are now skin treatments such as Botox, and 100 per cent are described as elective, and therefore medically unnecessary.
Nice set of priorities you have there, all you Buffalo teachers. You should be proud of yourselves.


CrankyProfessor said...

As though Buffalo didn't have enough problems, now a bunch of taut-faced teachers will scare the children!

CenTexTim said...

I have this mental image of teachers who look like a cross between Joan Rivers and Dolly Parton.

Anonymous said...


Better those two than Willie Nelson and Pat Boone.


CenTexTim said...

Toejam -

I'm sure you've heard the old joke with the punch line "... the one in the middle looks like Willie nelson."

If not, let me know and I'll post the whole thing.

Anonymous said...


Yup I heard that about Willie and I've heard the "EDSEL GRILL" one too!

Heck, I almost bought me a brandy new 1958Edsel till I took a good look at the grill.

Said to myself, Gee I can see that same thing every night (cept with hair on it) at the local Drive-in movie and it only cost 2 bucks for me and my ( adoring) girlfriend to get in.

Them days the Edsel with a Ford V-8 cost $3,500. That was more than I'd make (gross) in 3-years.