Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Our Fate Is In The Stars

Bill and Hillary are now the proud grandparents of Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.

However, with all the attention being given to the First Grandparents, the husband/father's parents have been overshadowed. But a little research makes one wonder if the union of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky was a marriage or a merger.
Even before Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky headed home from the hospital on Monday, we had seen the first photos of her with her “over the moon” new grandparents, Bill and Hillary Clinton. But where were the machatonim?

In case you’re wondering, machatonim is a Yiddish word that describes a relationship for which there is no equivalent word in English: the parents of your child’s spouse. And in the case of the Clintons, the machatonim are two longtime friends and allies: Marjorie Margolies and Edward Mezvinsky.

Marjorie is a women’s rights activist and former Congresswoman from Pennsylvania who served a momentous single term in 1993-95 after her deciding vote for the Clinton budget cost her her seat. She ran but lost in the Democratic primary this spring, despite vigorous support from both Clintons. Her former husband, Edward Mezvinsky, served two terms in Congress from Iowa — but also served five years in prison after being convicted of fraud in 2001. They were divorced in 2007.
The poor kid has a convicted felon on her father's side and two people who should be convicted felons on her mother's. Let us hope that little apple Charlotte falls very, very far from those particular trees. However, initial omens are not promising.
Baby Charlotte’s natal horoscope shows influences from her grandfather, Bill Clinton, her grandmother, Hillary, her mother, Chelsea and father, Marc Mezvinsky ... Baby Charlotte will grow very close to her grandfather, Bill Clinton, where she will get many practical tips on life and career. She will come to him often to discuss plans and ideas and they will have fun together. She will feel the most emotional closeness and joy from her mother, Chelsea, (a water sign Pisces with Scorpio rising), and grandmother (a Scorpio) because this baby’s natal moon is in Scorpio.

The baby has Mars in Sagittarius ... this is the sign of her father, Marc Mezvinsky, so she will have lots of interactions with him—he will be a source of energy and intellectual debate. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and Charlotte is an air sign, elements that go well together. Mars holds a special place in the baby’s chart, but when overly activated by other transiting planets, Mars does also rule strife, so at times she might not agree with her father, and they will have some spirited debates. She will go to him for mental stimulation, but as said, to be comforted and to feel emotionally secure, she will go to her nurturing water sign Pisces mother or water sign Scorpio grandmother Hillary.

Baby Charlotte has the sun in Libra, the sign that her grandfather, Bill Clinton, has rising. (Bill Clinton also has many planets in Libra, known to bestow charm and intelligence—Jupiter, Venus, Neptune and Mars. This is another reason why Bill Clinton will have such a strong bond with baby Charlotte.) With a grandmother who has been Secretary of State and a grandfather who was a former President, this baby comes from political royalty, and surely family highly skilled in the art of compromise. Indeed, baby Charlotte will grow up to be a master at give and take, and will always search for—and find—the right answer to any delicate question.  This baby could make a skilled politician someday because she would create a win-win situation for both sides, a talent many hope to achieve and few can muster.
There you have it. According to noted astrologer Susan Miller, we'll be stuck with another generation of Clintons.

God help us...


Old NFO said...

Yeah, it's disconcerting to put it mildly... And I agree, merger rather than a true marriage...

CenTexTim said...

Those people don't do anything without considering the political implications.