Wednesday, October 1, 2014

But Wait - There's More!!!

Second person being monitored for Ebola
Health officials are closely monitoring a possible second Ebola patient who had close contact with the first person to be diagnosed in the U.S., the director of Dallas County's health department said Wednesday.

"Let me be real frank to the Dallas County residents: The fact that we have one confirmed case, there may be another case that is a close associate with this particular patient," he said. "So this is real. There should be a concern, but it's contained to the specific family members and close friends at this moment."

The director continued to assure residents that the public isn't at risk because health officials have the virus contained.
Yeah, right...

More to worry about - especially for those in the area with school-aged kids:
The patient, whose condition was upgraded to serious Wednesday, was in contact with several children before he was hospitalized and had been staying at a northeast Dallas apartment complex, health officials here said.

Each of those children have been kept home from school and are under precautionary monitoring, Thompson said.

The Dallas County school district officials said they are working closely with health officials.
Tip of the iceberg, folks...

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