Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Last Night's Dinner

A little more elaboration regarding last night's dinner:

The guest of honor was a guy I used to work with back in the 1980s. We worked closely together, but weren't close friends - more than casual acquaintances, less than bosom buddies. We respected each other professionally and enjoyed each other's company, but for some reason never became tight.

Over the years we moved on to other jobs and eventually lost touch. Thirty years later we found out that we'd both moved to the same small Texas community. Small world, indeed.

There's a reason I'm bringing this up. We just found out that my friend is being treated for prostate cancer. I heard the news shortly after the end of the Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign. It personalized the disease and the campaign for me. Last night marked the midway point in his treatment - 40 days of radiation therapy. He's doing well - no nausea or hair loss, no weight loss, still feels good and has plenty of energy. The prognosis is guardedly optimistic.

So guys, please do yourself a favor and get checked early and often. Gals, make sure your guy does what he's supposed to do. And if you have a little spare change, please consider donating it to a good cause. Or maybe even go a little farther and get involved.

Your prostate, or the prostate of someone you love, will thank you.

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kerrcarto said...

Ernie has been examining Bert's prostate since 1969.