Monday, October 6, 2014

FOD 2014.10.06 - Michelle Edition

barry is inept and incompetent. michelle is petty and vindictive. What a combination. How did they ever find each other? How did they ever end up occupying the White House?

Anyway, michelle is in a snit and refusing to 'help' democrats running for the U.S. Senate.

Michelle Obama mad at Democrat Senate candidates and refuses to campaign
In spite of First Lady Michelle Obama’s popularity...
Okay, I have to interrupt here. Who says she's popular? No one I know can stand her. The only woman who is more despised by the folks I know is hillary ... and maybe 'Hanoi Jane' Fonda.

Back to the story...
... she has been absent from the Democratic senate candidates’ campaign trails for the most part. While part of the reason, according to the New York Times on Sunday, is that the First Lady claims to hate to be away from her daughters, it is also suggested that there are other reasons for her absence. There are those that suggest that any mention of the name Obama is not wanted by some of the candidates – as President Barack Obama’s latest job approval rating has dropped to an incredibly low 38 percent.
That makes sense. These days barry is about as toxic as Ebola.
The other reason being thrown about is the notion that Michelle Obama is mad at many of the Democratic senate candidates. The reason she is allegedly ticked off at many Democrats is because they aren’t playing into her nutrition initiative. Mrs. Obama’s initiative has to do with nutrition - and stomping out childhood obesity – which all plays into her extremely unpopular public school lunch menus. Since last school year, according to the Washington Post, Mrs. Obama has found a great deal of discontent among school districts throughout the country in regard to her program's negative impact on student lunches and snacks.
Stomping out childhood obesity is good. Forcing kids to eat what you think they should - and taking that decision out of the hands of parents and local schools - is not.
While the First Lady has shown up recently to support some governor-hopefuls on the Democratic side, she has been hard to find rallying for the senate candidates. According to the Daily Caller, Mrs. Obama is frustrated with the current Democrats in the U.S. Senate because they aren’t behind the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.” The Act is Mrs. Obama’s signature issue, according to the report...

Mrs. Obama is also said to be extremely upset with approximately 10 Democrats from states where potatoes are a big part of the state’s economy. Some of the Democrats - where potatoes equate to big business and money in certain states – have hooked up with Republicans. They have joined Republicans to fight against the Obama administration’s effort to ban white potatoes from the list of foods which the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program assistance recipients can purchase with federal funds.
Seriously?!? She wants to forbid people on food stamps from buying potatoes? If she's gonna do that, I have a whole list of things WIC recipients should be forbidden to purchase. In fact, it might be easier just to list the things they should be allowed to get.
ground beef
whole chickens
fresh produce
frozen or canned veggies and fruits
If they want anything else they can get a job and buy it.
Some persons close to the situation regarding Michelle Obama’s reluctance to campaign have tried to subdue the negative claims surrounding the situation. They say that, besides the First Lady wanting to spend more time with her daughters, she doesn’t like the toxicity of politics – for lack of a better term. Many doubt this claim because she seems to be quite “at home” and even in her glory when she’s at a podium spewing her political views before the masses.

The bottom line is that Mrs. Obama is not very visible in this election cycle - as former First Lady Hillary Clinton was very visible in 1998 when the Democrats had a similar uphill battle. The reasons for her absence are likely a combination of reasons. Granted, she probably does want to spend more time with her family. Yet, she is most likely also holding a grudge against the Democratic politicians who are not supporting her health initiatives - which have enough friction without the Democrats joining in with the hate. Of course, it is also very easy to believe that some of the Democratic candidates don’t want the public reminded of the name “Obama” with the president’s current job approval rating in the tank.
The bottom line is that she's petty, vindictive, and lazy. She's also unwanted by democrat candidates who are trying to put as much distance between the obama name and themselves as possible.

Who can blame them?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Man never had a real job, with accountability, until he became POTUS.

CenTexTim said...

Even now he has no accountability.