Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where's The Outrage?

As Harper has pointed out, obama has decimated our domestic energy production industry. Now he's sambaed off to Brazil where he's busy putting together a deal to enrich George Soros even more, via the überliberal's investment in Petrobas. And there has been nary a word in what today passes for the mainstream media.

Thought exercise: change "obama" to "Bush" and "Soros" to "Koch brothers." Can you imagine the media's outrage?

At least the Brazilians are on top of things.

The caption at the top of the cartoon translates to: “Obama reaches Rio…”

Obama (dressed as a conquistador) is asking the Brazilian beach-goer, “Where is the pre-salt?”  (The pre-salt layer is an oil-rich geological formation on the continental shelves off the coast of Africa and Brazil.)


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