Saturday, May 28, 2016

Weather, Texas Style

It's been a wet and wild spring here in the Lone Star State. Here's the latest weather headlines.

This one hit close to home. Our son returned to the Bryan area Thursday for summer school (Texas A&M) and his part-time job. Fortunately, he's okay.

Bryan hammered by tornado, flooding
The Bryan/College Station area was pounded by heavy rain, high winds and at least one tornado Thursday afternoon.

Dozens of homes were damaged in the Wheeler Ridge subdivision and at least three were destroyed, according to Bryan police.
Speaking of tornadoes:

Tornado Strikes Texas Prison
A tornado struck a state prison in Southeast Texas, damaging the roofs on a pair of watchtowers and an outbuilding but injuring no one.
A prison system spokesman says the tornado struck the Pack Unit in Navasota, about 65 miles northwest of Houston, about 4 p.m. Thursday. The spokesman says all staff members and 1,200 inmates have been accounted for.
We just had rain and hail in our part of the state.

More severe weather, hail possible for South Texas, S.A.
The National Weather Service has kept a flash flood watch in Bexar County and a few others ... severe thunderstorm watches have shifted north and northeast of San Antonio.
Flash Flooding Occurring Throughout Austin, Onion Creek Under Flood Warning
Multiple water rescues are under way throughout Austin as the area has again been hit hard with thunderstorms, this time dumping some six inches in two hours' time in some areas.
At Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the National Weather Service reported about eight inches had already fallen there close to midnight.
Matters were worse in Southeast Austin, where 10 inches had been reported in a three-hour period. Both Highway 71 and Toll Road 130 were closed by late Thursday as a result of raging waters across the road surface.
The Houston area, about 200 miles from here, also got hammered.

Parts of southeast Texas under water
...strong thunderstorms and heavy rain are redeveloping over the same areas that were flooded on Thursday, and now they're starting to move south, through the Houston area.
In Conroe and throughout Montgomery County, trees are down and water is covering roadways.

Highway 290 was shut down for hours on this morning by cattle that apparently got loose during the floods. While 100 were found and are now on higher ground, around 600 are still missing.  
To make matters worse, the snakes are getting active this time of the year.

Click to embiggen.

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If snakes freak you out DO NOT watch this video. And whatever you do, for God's sake don't try this at home!

There's not enough beer in the world to get me to do that...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

My sister who has lived in NOCO many more years than I have says she can't remember a spring with more tornadoes. The high plains are being hammered.

Old NFO said...

Those are some large rattlers... And yes, the weather sucks... Hope everyone down your way stays safe.

CenTexTim said...

WSF - It's all that global warming... or climate change... or whatever they're calling it this week.

NFO - Thanks - same to you.

So far, so good - although we're getting pelted agina with rain and hail tonight.

Bear said...

Sounds like Momma Nature has spent the last couple years making up for the droughts you used to post about...

Randy said...

that video...smh, more balls than brains