Friday, January 22, 2016

Run Hillary Run

There have been rumblings within the democrat party that the nomination process is rigged in favor of hillary.
Facing increasing resistance from candidates and party officials, Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz ... stood firmly by her plan to hold exactly six presidential debates...

"We're having six debates–period," the Florida congresswoman said at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast in Washington, repeating that pledge several times over the course of an hour, even when pressed on former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's claims that the process is "rigged" against all candidates other than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"We’re not changing the process. We’re having six debates," she said...
That was back in September. Now fast forward to the present, where hillary's campaign is floundering and she's slipping in the polls.
Problem No. 1: Hillary's poll numbers are tanking in Iowa and New Hampshire — and eroding in once-safe South Carolina — thanks in large part to Bernie Sanders' successful effort to tie Hillary to big banks and fat cat donors.

Problem No. 2: Hillary is blaming the staff at her Brooklyn campaign headquarters for all her problems — sinking poll numbers and Bernie's endorsement by such liberal organizations as Morale in Brooklyn is at an all-time low. At Hillary's urging, Huma Abedin, Hillary's "adopted daughter," is bitching at volunteers and salaried employees in Brooklyn and making their lives miserable.

Problem No. 3: Several of those disaffected volunteers and employees have quit in a snit and joined the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Problem No. 4: Chelsea Clinton is feared and loathed at the Brooklyn campaign headquarters. She barges into meetings without being invited and throws her weight around. Chelsea has taken on the role of Hillary's attack dog in recent campaign appearances. David Axelrod, the architect of Obama's two White House victories, says that Chelsea is doing more harm than good and needs to be reined in.

Problem No. 5: Bill Clinton is constantly lecturing Hillary on what she's doing wrong and how she should campaign. Hillary has stopped listening to Bill; she doesn't invite him to take part in campaign conference calls. As a result, Bill has been left on his own, and the campaign never knows what he's going to say or do next.

Problem No. 6: No less a liberal publication than the New York Times has finally caught up with (hillary's) biggest problem...

As the Times put it: "[Some] Democratic Party officials who remain uncommitted said that after nine months of running, Mrs. Clinton still has not found her voice when it came to inspiring people and making herself broadly likable."
My takeaway from that article is that all the Clintons seem to suffer from the same notion - that they are royalty, and everyone else are peasants. Not to mention that they're all serial liars who believe the rules don't apply to them.

Anyway, back to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the debates.
One of the larger embarrassments for the Democrats this year has been DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s stubborn insistence that there would only be a few debates before the voting begins and they would be held on weekends when nobody was watching. She has continually insisted that this was the best way for their candidates to showcase their talents and get their message out.
That may have been fine when hillary's coronation was proceeding smoothly. However, now that some bumps have appeared in her road to the crown presidency, it looks like hillary's BFF Deb is changing the rules.
... All of a sudden there’s a new debate taking place this coming Monday, and it’s happening in prime time on CNN. (Vanity Fair)
    A last-minute town-hall-style event, announced Wednesday by CNN and scheduled to take place just one week before the Iowa caucuses, could be a saving grace for Hillary Clinton, whose presidential campaign has faced an unexpectedly formidable challenge from Democratic rival Bernie Sanders.

    The prime-time gathering will air Monday at nine P.M., a huge change from the three debates that the Democratic National Committee scheduled on inconvenient weekend nights.
Of course, this being the democrats, such a change is accompanied by some fancy word-parsing.
Clearly there was some coordination with DWS (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) going on here because she’s got an easy out built into the formula when reporters come to challenger on the blatant, hypocritical flip flop. This isn’t a debate, you see. It’s a town hall style event. That will probably come as a disappointment to Sanders in particular since the candidates won’t be able to answer, challenge or attack each other directly. But all three will get a turn with the moderator in front of what could potentially be a sizable audience.

This seems like something of a desperation move on the part of the Clinton campaign because they run the risk of a moderator asking uncomfortable questions about the new Benghazi movie or the FBI circling like hawks over the remains of her bathroom based email server brimming with Beyond Top Secret documents. So why do it? Moe Lane at RedState smells panic in the air.
    [T]he important thing here is that this is a last-minute change to the mechanism. And, like most last-minute changes of this type, it reeks of nervous terror and failure. The Democratic party Establishment does not want to run a white, old, socialist-loving ideologue… but they want to run Bernie Sanders even less, so they need to prop up Hillary Clinton somehow...
 A lot of attention has been focused on the republican primary,which is being billed as a struggle between the establishment and more extreme factions within the party. But the same is true for the democrats. hillary and the Clinton machine clearly represent traditional established democrat interests, while Bernie is the champion of those leaning further to the left. Right now it looks like the extremists on both sides have a good chance to win, which would set up one hell of an entertaining presidential race.

In the meantime, I'm sitting back and enjoying watching hillary squirm...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of a%^holes.

Anonymous said...

Rigged for Hillary? Gee who would have guessed. I believe Obama isn't a Clinton fan but he's not gonna make any waves since I'm certain the Clinton's have enough dirt on him to be a serious problem.

Hillary's the anointed one alright.

Would you believe in my neighborhood there's a 60-something (Lesbian) who has put a Hillary for president bumper sticker on the front passenger side door of her car.

What a friggin idiot. Bumper stickers are a bitch to remove and this bimbo has it smack in the middle of her car door.

I guess that qualifies her, along with being a "carpet-muncher to be a 100% in the tank for the skank!

CenTexTim said...

WSF +1

Toejam - "Would you believe in my neighborhood there's a 60-something (Lesbian) who has put a Hillary for president bumper sticker on the front passenger side door of her car."

Yes I would. She's emblematic of the hillary-at-any-cost crowd.