Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots.

I read this story with growing incredulousness. I can't believe they are punishing the victim.
A Danish 17-year-old girl who used a pepper spray to fight off a rapist near migrant asylum centre is told SHE will be prosecuted for carrying the weapon.

The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her.

But she managed to prevent the man from attacking her further by spraying the substance at him.

However, as it is illegal to use pepper spray, the teenage girl is set to face charges. It is likely she will face a 500 Krone (£50) fine.
Prosecuted, hell. She should be awarded a medal for giving that scum a small taste of what he deserved. Pepper spray is no substitute for .45 vasectomy.

And why on earth is pepper spray illegal in Denmark? What do they expect potential rape victims to do - lie back and enjoy it? Would someone please explain to me what happened to the descendants of the Vikings? (Note: the title of this post - "A cleaved head no longer plots" - is an Old Norse proverb.)

Politically correct idiots...

There are signs, however, that Denmark is trying to fight back.
...  the case has sparked a controversy in Denmark, where there has been increasing reports of sexual harrassment towards women.

This has prompted several nightclubs in Sonderborg to bar people from entering unless they can speak Danish, German or English.

Meanwhile Denmark's parliament has voted in favour of seizing asylum seekers' assets in a controversial bid to reduce the numbers moving there.

Under a new law, officials will have the power to search migrants for valuables and take cash and possessions worth more than around £1,000 to help pay for their stay.

Asylum seekers will also have to wait three years before family members can join them in the country, instead of the current one year.
Baby steps, but a journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.

Hopefully it's not too little, too late.

Whatever happened to that Viking spirit?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Asked the same question in 2011 after the school kids massacre.

Anonymous said...

****"I read this story with growing incredulousness. I can't believe they are punishing the victim."****


I lived in Ireland for some time and saw victims turned into criminals on a regular basis.

A prime example was in 2004 when an elderly farmer, Mr. Padraic Nally (aged 61) who was attacked by a couple of Irish Gypsies who were bent on robbing some of the farmer's equipment. The farmer had an old "break-action" double barrel (no pump action or semi-autos allowed by law) shotgun and used it when the 2 crooks went for him.

He wound up in jail for shoot them. He got 6 years, and served several before he was paroled.

Story here:

CenTexTim said...

WSF - Yeah, I don't know what's up with the used-to-be-Vikings...

Toejam - un-friggin'-believable!