Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Debate This

Apparently there was some sort of democrat debate Sunday night featuring two over-the-hill contenders.

Pretty clever strategy - holding it on the same evening as the NFL playoffs. In the long run, however, it won't make much difference. It's just more of the same-old same-old.

Speaking of terrorism, it looks like lifers in the State Department are beginning to hedge their bets in the event the hildebeast doesn't get coronated elected after all.
The revelation last week that the State Dept. has discovered thousands of documents highly relevant to the Benghazi investigation can mean only one thing.  The permanent civil servants have now become more fearful of being left holding the bag for Hillary in the form of a perjury charge in Judicial Watch’s document case than of pressure from above to stonewall.

Evidence for perjury charges charges in blocking release of documents might be discovered by the next administration, and the certainty of Hillary Clinton running that next administration has been severely diminished.  The State Department bureaucrats now fear the possible charges more than any potential retaliation from the White House in the waning days of Obama’s administration.

In fact, the top trending question on Google during the debate was "Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?"
"Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted?" is the top question being asked on Google searches concerning the Democratic front-runner during the debate, in Charleston, S.C.

But Clinton isn't the only Democrat to have harsh questions asked about her on Google searches during the debate.

The top trending question for Bernie Sanders is "why is Bernie Sanders so popular?"

And the top trending question for third-place candidate Martin O'Malley is, "Why is Martin O'Malley running for president?"

Things have gotten so bad for hillary's campaign that she has resorted to having her husband campaign for her, albeit on a short leash.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign can’t ignore the former POTUS – after all, without his political career nobody would consider Hillary for a political job of any consequence (never forget that she was fired from the House Watergate Committee, her first independent foray into politics). Looking back on her political career, she has done best when exercising the least power. Hillarycare led to her retirement from the “co-presidency” and her career as a senator was undistinguished. The less said about the results of her reign as the nation’s top diplomat, the better.

But Bill on his own is a wild card.  He is a fundamentally undisciplined soul, subject to legendarily uncontrollable appetites, and in constant need of approval from others. Out among the masses, he can be like Harpo Marx spotting a pretty girl walking by, pursuing mindlessly the shiny object that captured his attention. At his advanced age and physical health, those shiny objects are not solely carnal, they involve attention, notice, and comment. In short: Bill is a publicity hog.
So what's a gal to do? She needs him, but he's a loose cannon. The best she can do is try to keep him under control.
As Hillary Clinton fends off a rising challenge from Bernie Sanders, his wife's campaign aides are grappling with how best to deploy what she has described as her "not-so-secret weapon."

Their answer: very, very carefully.

During campaign swings through Iowa and New Hampshire, Bill Clinton treaded fastidiously through tightly controlled campaign events. A natural-born chit-chatter, he was not giving interviews. When he stopped to talk with reporters after one recent event, campaign aides turned up the music, making a conversation all but impossible.
Now there's a great mental picture. Some hapless staffer following Bill around with a boom box, under orders to crank up the volume when his speech is over.

That may not be a bad idea.

Stay tuned. It promises to be a wildly entertaining ride...


Anonymous said...

I'm so pissed off that I have to vent:

I'll toss out my patented 80% factor. 80% of the American public are so friggin stupid, naïve, college Socialist indoctrinated stooges or welfare parasitic whores who see the Democrats and Hillary as either their champion of Social Justice or provider of free manna.

Unfortunately, the few White Conservatives want to "play fair", "reach across the isle" and bring a powder puff to a hand grenade fight so the Democrat machine will roll on and on until America crumbles into a 5th world cesspool.

Any reader of history will see a similarity between the current course and that of ancient Rome or Greece.

Those too ignorant to realize the horrible reality of their decline are destined to repeat it. Hence the 80% factor is deadlier than every nuke in the world's arsenals being detonated at one time. The destruction will just take a little longer.

Old NFO said...

All I can say is it's simply amazing that the Dems have stooped this low... And I wonder what they are going to pull out of their bag of 'tricks' next.

CenTexTim said...

Toejam - I'm a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. And yes, we're on the wrong side of that ratio.

NFO - All the dems worry about is getting elected. After that all they worry about is getting re-elected. Who cares about the country...?